P2279 Acura?

  • | What is P2279 ACURA code meaning? The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system reduces Hydrocarbon (HC) emissions. The PCV system recirculates unburned air/fuel mixture (blow-by gas) into the intake manifold so that it is drawn into the engine and burned, thus reducing HC.

How do I fix error code P2279?

What repairs can fix the P2279 code?

  1. Repairing or replacing the PCV valve or hose.
  2. Replacing leaking intake gaskets or seals.
  3. Relearning the throttle position for the ECM.

What is engine code P2279?

The P2279 code means “ intake air system leak.” The leak is detected by the PCM using the mass air flow sensor (MAF), air intake temperature sensor, and oxygen sensor. These sensors collectively give the PCM information on how much air is entering and exiting your vehicle’s engine.

How much does it cost to fix an intake manifold?

The average intake manifold replacement cost is between $300 and $1100, depending on the car model and labor costs. An intake manifold costs $200 to $600 and the labor costs $100 to $500. This cost differs a lot depending on the car engine and car model you have.

What happens if your intake manifold is leaking?

A leaky intake manifold sucks outside air in, rather than dispersing air out. This can cause performance issues including poor fuel economy, decreased acceleration, and engine misfires. Coolant leaks can cause the engine to overheat, although they may not always be visible.

What is an intake air leak?

An intake or vacuum leak occurs when you lose the vacuum seal somewhere beyond your fuel delivery system. This means that the leak could be occurring almost anywhere between the cylinder head and carburetor slide. This leak causes air to dilute your fuel and oxygen mix.

What is code P0507 mean?

The P0507 code is triggered when the Engine Control Module (ECM) detects that the engine is idling higher than the specified idle rpm range. The standard engine idle is usually between 600-800rpm based on the model of the vehicle.

What is code P2187?

P2187 code indicates that your vehicle’s computer detected a potential issue with the fuel mixture at idle. In an internal combustion engine, the air-fuel mixture is controlled by the powertrain control module (PCM).

Can I drive with a bad intake manifold?

Generally a really bad intake manifold gasket will make a car run rough at idle and/or cause a service engine light to illuminate. As far as driving the car, as long as you don’t have a fluid leak or the car is not stalling or running rough, it should be fine to drive for a few months.

How often does an intake manifold need to be replaced?

The intake manifold gasket on a car is supposed to last around 50,000 to 75,000 miles. In some instances, the gasket will fail before this date due to the amount of wear and tear that it undergoes on a daily basis.

How long does it take to replace a intake manifold?

It takes about 60 minutes to pull the manifold off. A lot longer to get everything back together.

How much does it cost to replace a manifold gasket?

The replacement cost of an intake manifold gasket is anywhere from $190 to $540. The cost of the labor will be anywhere from $170 to $420. The gasket itself is very inexpensive and will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 to $120.

What does a cracked intake manifold sound like?

Noises. A cracked intake manifold will allow the gases in the intake to escape, sometimes quite noisily. If your vehicle’s intake manifold is cracked, the pressure can force air through the crack and cause the motor to make a loud whistling or hissing noise.

Acura: Intake Leak Code P2279 After Throttle Body Cleaning

After cleaning the throttle body, if you notice a fluctuating idle and the code P2279 (intake air system leak), it’s possible that the system needs to relearn the new throttle plate position because it may still be running on old data from the last cleaning. Vehicles: Acura models equipped with throttle-by-wire or electronic throttle control. More information is available by clicking here. The problem might be that the system has to relearn the new throttle plate position since it could be running on outdated data if you have recently cleaned your throttle body and now you have a fluctuating idle and code P2279 (intake air system leak).

To begin, use a scan tool to choose either the ETCS TEST or the throttle angle calibration modes.

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To clear the throttle’s learnt value, select the appropriate menu option.

Turn off the ignition, then turn it back on again to complete the process.

  • Reset the ECM/PCM and clear any codes that have been stored.
  • Turn the ignition switch to the ON position (II), or press the engine start/stop button to choose the ON mode, and wait for 2 seconds after doing so.
  • Maintain a constant engine speed of 3,000 rpm (A/T in P or N, M/T in neutral) until the radiator fan turns on or the engine coolant temperature hits 194 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius).
  • NOTE: If the radiator fan is on, the time it spends running is not included in the 5-minute total time.
  • All data courtesy of ALLDATA.

Repair OBD Error Code P2279 Solution

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P2279 Intake Air System Leak Code

Don Bowman contributed to this article. Intake Air System Leak Diagnosed by ASE Certified Automotive Technician

What does that mean?

This is a general diagnostic powertrain issue code, which means it applies to all makes and models from 1996 and onward, regardless of manufacturer. The particular troubleshooting steps, on the other hand, will differ from car to vehicle. Trouble code P2279 indicates that an air leak has occurred on the “metered” side of the intake manifold, which is the side that has the meter. Despite what the mass airflow sensor and the MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure sensor) indicate, there is more air entering the intake manifold.

  1. This is accomplished by the use of a “hot wire” by the mass airflow sensor.
  2. The engine control module (ECM) warms the wire to a temperature that has been specified.
  3. This fluctuating voltage serves as a signal to indicate the amount of air moving through the wire.
  4. This is followed by an adjustment in injection time to keep the fuel/air ratio constant.
  5. When there is a discrepancy between the mass airflow, the intake air temperature, and the oxygen sensor, a leak is identified and the code P2279 is set.

It is not necessary to be concerned about air leaks at the air filter or in the hoses going up to the mass airflow sensor (MAF) or throttle body. Between the mass airflow sensor or throttle body and the manifold, there is a leak that has to be repaired.


When it comes to fuel-injected engines, an air leak is one of the most difficult problems to deal with. In order to function correctly, the air/fuel ratio must be accurately adjusted. Among the symptoms of a P2279 engine code are the following.

  • Lighting of the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) in conjunction with the P2279 diagnostic issue code set Stopping at a complete stop
  • Idle “hunts” or surges
  • Insufficiency of power
  • When you accelerate, there are dead patches. Additional codes are set by the ECM, such as engine miss in cylinder number one. Because of the lean mixture, the engine “pings.” Reddish-orange exhaust manifolds caused by an excessively lean mixture
  • The hissing sound created by the leak in the air conditioning system
  • Resistance to the power brakes has been increased (harder pedal)

Potential Causes

The following are examples of possible causes for this engine code:

  • Leak between the engine side of the mass airflow sensor and the air duct
  • Air duct leak on the engine side
  • Leak at the intake air temperature sensor
  • Leak at the throttle body
  • Leak at the intake air temperature sensor Crack or leak in the intake manifold
  • Broken or disconnected vacuum pipe
  • A bad fuel injector seal at the manifold
  • A leaky brake booster vacuum hose
  • A leak beneath the dash at a vacuum controlled device
  • PCV valve that has been stuck
  • Crankcase oil filler cap that has become stuck. It is possible that anything and everything linked to the intake manifold might contribute to this situation.
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Diagnostic and Repair Procedures

  • Start the engine and then lift the hood to get things started. Pay attention for whistling sounds and follow them to their source. It may be repaired if necessary. A heating pipe attached to your ear is effective
  • Propane testing should be done. Replace the nozzle of a propane torch with a rubber vacuum hose to complete the installation. In order to work your way up to the intake manifold, start with the mass airflow sensor and direct a little quantity of propane to all of the suspicious devices. When the cause of the leak is identified, there will be a significant increase in the idle rpm. Ensure that the propane hose is wrapped around all of the air ducts that run up to the throttle body and intake manifold. Keep an ear out for a vacuum leak under the dash in the interior. Don’t use propane
  • Instead, simply pay attention. A number of occasions, one of the vacuum motors for the doors on the air conditioning housing became disengaged.

NOTE: Exercise caution while using unlit propane to locate a leak; we are not liable for any damage or harm that may occur as a consequence of its use! If you have any reservations about applying it, you might spray carb/choke cleanser on the questionable locations instead. Alternatively, you may construct your own smoke machine. There are other options available to you instead of utilizing propane. Once the leak has been identified and rectified, a common code scanner may be used to delete the code and reset the ECM to its default settings.

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Need more help with a p2279 code?

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Air intake leak not fixed p2279

A follow-up on my earlier post. misfires were eliminated once a valve adjustment was performed. Replacement of the whole vacuum system eliminated rich codes and improved the fuel trim, which was previously about -12 and is currently hovering around -4 to -7 Ltft for both banks. Even though I have the 2279, I am seeing an idle spike from 800 to roughly 1300 when I take my foot off of the accelerator or when revving the engine. PCV was changed, although it is possible that it was an aftermarket part.

Additionally, throttle body cleaner was used to clean the throttle body from the car.

Also, make sure the coolant system is properly bled.

What happens next?

I’m scratching the back of my neck.

Funny thing is that when you compress the accelerator pedal with the key in the on position but the car is not running, the throttle opens as if it were closed when you let off the pedal, and then opens just slightly when you push the pedal.

I’m curious if anyone has come across something like this.

As a result, issue has been resolved.

The valve adjustment and replacement of all vacuum hoses, as well as cleaning and REPROGRAMMING THE THROTTLE POSITION VALUE, are all included in this service.

Most infuriating aspect of this situation is that, after realizing that I needed to have the throttle body programmed, I called three different dealers, each of whom informed me that there was no such thing as pressing a button and instantly changing the throttle value.

I was so irritated that I went out and purchased a Foxwell NT510 with Honda/Acura software for $200 (which was likely less than the bill I would have received from the dealer).

It is quite simple to use.

When the car is idling in park or stalled in traffic, you can barely know it’s running.

Definitely the finest value for money when it comes to bi-directional scan instruments.

I’m not sure what to say.

What a rip-off it was.

I couldn’t believe it, so I decided to look into it myself when they quoted me $3500 to correct the problem.

The new one was quickly discovered to be a failure.

I was quite dissatisfied with Honda’s customer service.

They produce such a superior product just to employ some slackers in their customer care departments.

That being said, I will never, ever take a vehicle that is out of warranty to a dealership again.

Valve adjustment is required, and if your vehicle has a lot of miles on it, repair all of the vacuum lines (which are inexpensive and I discovered that most of mine had very minor fractures that added up to a leak), as well as clean and reprogram the throttle.

My truck feels like it has another 200k miles left in it.

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