2009 Ford F150 Relay Locations? (Professionals recommend)


  • I looked up the 2009 Ford F-150 owner’s manual and found the fuse and relay locations related to trailer lights. There is only one in the in-cab fuse panel in location 33 for a brake controller. The rest are under the hood in the power distribution box. Under the hood location 6 is the trailer parking lamp relay

Where is the relays on a Ford f150?

The relay box is located in the left rear corner of the engine compartment.

Where is the fuse box located on a 2009 Ford F-150?

The fuse panel is located under the right-hand side of the instrument panel behind the cover. To remove the trim panel for access to the fuse box, pull the panel toward you and swing it out away from the side and remove it. To reinstall it, line up the tabs with the grooves on the panel, then push it shut.

Where is the starter relay on a 2010 Ford f150?

The 2010 ford f150 has a starter relay located in the central junction box beside the passenger’s right foot.

Where is the sync fuse on a Ford f150?

The sync fuse for a ford f150 is located under the hood control.

Why did my radio stop working in my Ford f150?

One of the most common reasons for a car radio to stop working in a Ford F-150 is a blown fuse. If the radio itself will not turn on, chances are good that one or more blown fuses are causing the problem. This can also cause fuses to blow in rapid succession (You replace a fuse and it blows again shortly after).

Where is the inertia switch on a 2009 f150?

The inertia switch for a ford f150 is located on the front part of the passenger door, behind the footwell cover, which is underneath the glove box.

How do you reset the radio on a 2009 Ford f150?

To reset the ford f-150 radio, hold the power button and the right seek button simultaneously for about 5 seconds. Then you will see that the module is resetting. After this you can release the buttons.

Why is my Ford f150 not starting?

A bad or low charged battery might not be providing enough power to the starter. If the battery alternator and the charging system check out, another reason would be a failing starter, the internal windings could be binding.

Where is the inertia switch located on a 2010 Ford f150?

passenger side kick panel.. pull the cover off where passengers right foot is,to the right,the inertia switch is behind it. it usually don’t trip,unless it’s been in an accident,hit a curb,or been bumped.

Where is the starter on my Ford f150?

The starter is located on the passenger side of the vehicle on the lower side of the engine block in the general vicinity of the transmission bell housing. If you are unsure of how to find it, follow the red cable from the battery and it will lead you directly to the starter.

Is there a fuse for Ford Sync?

The Ford Escape’s “SYNC” fuse is housed in the cabin’s interior electrical box. To locate the box, look on the passenger side of the vehicle below the glove compartment. The electrical plugs are found beneath a panel there. The lid should contain a diagram detailing the location of the SYNC fuse.

Where is the fuse box on a 2008 Ford f150?

The fuse panel is located under the right-hand side of the instrument panel behind the cover. Remove the trim panel and fuse box cover to access the fuses.

Where are fuse boxes located?

Look for the fuse box in closets, hallways, mudrooms, crawl spaces, basements, utility rooms, or laundry rooms. Fuse boxes in more prominent locations might be covered with a wood panel or picture meant to disguise the appearance of the box cover or door.

2009 Ford F150 Fuse Diagram

Relationships between air and fuel Wells Manufacturing’s Fuel Trim is a great example of how to save money (PDF file). P0171 and P0174 are Ford part numbers. Coding Systems for Lean Manufacturing Emissions and Fuel Injection: What You Need to Know. Some of the most often encountered error codes are as follows: (and what causes them) Sensors for measuring the amount of air moving through a space Sensors for Oxygen Air-fuel sensors with a wide ratio of air to fuel (WRAF) Check Engine Lights Explained in More Detail Error Message Diagnostics Diagnostics for Scanners On-board decoding Diagnostics WHEN YOU’RE IN DANGER, CALL 911.

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There’s lots more information on this site for your vehicle.To find fuse diagrams,click hereTo find Relay locations,click hereTo find Sensor Locations,click hereTo find Module Locations,click hereTo find Switch Locations,click hereTo find Firing Order,click here

Air-to-fuel ratios (A/F) Wells Manufacturing has developed a fuel trimmer (PDF file). Ford P0171P0174 (Ford P0171P0174) Codes of Conduct Effects of Fuel Injection on Emissions Trouble Codes That Are Most Frequently Encountered (and what causes them) Sensors for measuring the amount of air moving through a room Oxygen Sensors are a type of sensor that detects oxygen in the air. Sensors for Wide Ratio Air Fuel (WRAF) Additional information about Check Engine Lights Error Code (Fault Code) Diagnostics Diagnostics of Scanners On-board decoding is available.

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2009 Ford F150 Fuse Box Layout for Smart Junction Box

Faults in the 2009 Ford F150 Diagram of a smart junction box fuse 1 30 Not used2 15 Not used3 15 Not used4 15 Not used 3 15 No longer in use 4 30 This number was not utilized. 5 10 Smart Junction Box (SJB), Brake Shift Interlock 5 10 Smart Junction Box (SJB), Brake Shift Interlock 6 20 Turn signal lamps, emergency lights, and stop lamps 7 10 Left-side headlamp (low beam) 8 10 Right-side headlamp (low beam) a total of 9 15 courtesy lamps 10 15 Illumination of the switch11 10 Not in use 12 7.5 No longer in use 13 5 The switch for the outside rear view mirror 14 10 This number has not been used.

15 10 This number has not been used.

17 20 Smart Junction Box with driver door unlock relay, door lock relay, liftgate glass release relay, and driver door unlock relay (SJB) 18 20 This number has not been used.

20 15 Data Link Connector (DLC) is an acronym for Data Link Connector (DLC) (except stripped chassis) a smart junction box with a fog lamp relay (21 15) (SJB) 22 15 Relay for the park lamp 23 15 Relay for high beams24 20 Horn relay25 10 Relay for demand lighting 26 10 Instrument Panel Cluster (Instrument Panel Cluster) (IPC) ignition switch (number 27/20) 30 5 Not used31 10 Not used28 5 Audio Control Module (ACM)29 5 Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)30 5 Not used31 10 32 10 Restraints Control Module (RCM)33 10 Trailer Brake Control Module (TBC)32 10 Restraints Control Module (RCM)33 10 Trailer Brake Control Module (TBC) 34 5 This number has not been used.

Rear view camera, Parking Aid Module (PAM), 35 10 Parking Aid Module 36 5 Passive anti-theft transceiver37 10 Climate control assembly, temperature blend door actuator38 20 Not applicable 39 20 Audio Control Module (ACM)40 20 Audio Amplifier39 20 Audio Control Module (ACM)39 20 41 15 Door lock switch on the driver’s side, and a door lock switch on the passenger’s side Rear doors, door lock switch, rear door display mirror, rear view camera display mirror 10 Upfitter switch for the Audio Control Module (ACM)42 The above console is numbered 43 10.

44 10 Auxiliary battery diode for the auxiliary battery 45 5 Windshield wiper motor, Windshield wiper relay, Trailer tow relay, and battery charge are included.

Passenger Airbag Deactivation (PAD) switch (46.75 inches) 30 cents per pound 47 cents Window adjust switches on the driver’s side and the master window adjust switch The year 2018 is a year of transition. Rick Muscoplat is a professional musician. Rick Muscoplat posted a blog entry on

Ford F-150 Questions – fuel pump relay location for 2009 f150

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2009-2014 Ford F150 Fuse Box Diagram

The relay box is located in the left-hand corner of the engine compartment near the windshield.

No. A Protected Circuit
11 30 Power running board motors
12 40 2010-2014:Electric fan
50 2011-2014:Electric fan (3.5L, 6.2L with max trailer tow, SVT Raptor)
13 30 Starter relay power
14 30 Passenger power seat
15 40 2010-2014:Electric fan
50 2011-2014:Electric fan (3.5L, 6.2L wlth max trailer tow, SVT Raptor)
16 20 2013-2014:Hlgh-lntenslty discharge headlamp -passenger side
17 30 Trailer brake control
18 30 2010-2014:Auxiliary switch 1 (SVT Raptor)
19 30 2010-2014:Auxiliary switch 2 (SVT Raptor)
20 20 4×4 module (electronic shift)
21 30 Trailer tow battery charge relay power
22 20 Auxiliary power point (Instrument panel)
26 10 Powertrain control module – keep alive power and relay coll, canister vent solenoid, transmission (2009-2010)
27 20 Fuel pump relay power
28 10 2010-2014:Auxiliary switch 4 (SVT Raptor)
29 10 4×4 integrated wheel end solenoid
30 10 Air conditioner clutch relay power
31 15 2011-2014:Run/start relay power
20 2009-2010:Trailer tow park lamp relay
32 40 Rear window defroster relay power, Heated mirror relay power
33 40 2011-2014:110-volt AC power point
34 40 2009-2014:Powertrain control module relay power
50 2011-2014:Powertrain control module relay power (3.5L engine)
35 20 2013-2014:Hlgh-lntenslty discharge headlamps -driver side
36 30 Roll stability control / Anti-lock brake system
41 15 2012-2014:Front camera washer (SVT Raptor)2010:Heated mirror
42 5 2011-2014:Run/start relay coll
43 15 2011-2014:Trailer tow back-up lamp relay power
20 2009-2010:Backup lamp relay
44 15 2010-2014:Auxiliary switch 3 (SVT Raptor), Trailer tow power folding mirrors
45 10 2011-2014:Alternator sensor
20 2009-2010:Trailer tow stop turn relay feed
46 10 Brake on/off switch
47 60 Roll stability control / Anti-lock brake system module (2011-2014)
48 20 2011-2014:Moonroof
49 30 Wiper relay power
50 Not used
51 40 Blower motor relay power
52 5 2011-2014:Run/start – Electronic power assist steering. Blower relay coll
53 5 2011-2014:Run/start – Powertrain control module2009-2010:PCM, 6R80 transmission
54 5 2011-2014:Run/start – 4×4 module. Back-up lamps, Roll stability control /Anti-lock brake system. Trailer tow battery charge relay coll. Rear window defroster relay coll. Front camera washer relay coll (SVT Raptor)2009-2010:4×4 module, Back up lamp, RSC, Trailer tow battery charge relay
55 5 2009-2010:Electronic compass mirror (6R transmission only)
56 15 2011-2014:Heated mirrors
57 Not used
58 15 2009-2010:Trailer tow backup lamps
59 15 2009:Heated mirrors
60 2009-2010:One-touch Start diode
61 2009-2010:Fuel pump diode
63 25 2010-2014:Electric fan relay power
64 30 2009-2010:Amplifier
40 2011-2012:Vacuum pump relay power (3.5L engine)
65 20 Auxiliary power point (Instrument panel)
66 20 Auxiliary power point (Inside center console)
67 20 2011-2014:Trailer tow park lamps relay power
68 25 4×4 module, 4×2 elocker module (2013-2014)
69 30 Front heated or heated/cooled seats
70 Not used
71 20 2011-2014:Heated rear seats
72 20 Auxiliary power point (rear)
73 20 2011-2014:Trailer tow stop/turn lamps relay power
74 30 Driver power seat/memory module
75 15 2009-2014:Powertrain control module – voltage power 1
25 2011-2014:Powertrain control module – voltage power 1 (3.5L engine)
76 20 2011-2014:Powertrain control module – Voltage power 2: General powertrain components (Mass air flow/intake air temp sensor -3.7L, 5.0L, 6.2L engines) (Canister vent solenoid – 3.5L engine)2009-2010:Voltage power 2, Voltage – battery voltage, Mass air flow/Intake air temp, CMS 12 and 22 with 6R80 transmission, Brake on/off switch (BOO)
77 10 2011-2014:Powertrain control module – Voltage power 3 (Emission related powertrain components, Electric fan relays coll)2009-2010:Voltage power 3, Electric fan clutch, A/C clutch relay coil, Floor shifter (4–speed transmission)
78 15 2010-2014:Powertrain control module – Voltage power 4 – Ignition colls (3.5L, 3.7L, 5.0L engines)
20 2011-2014:Powertrain control module – Voltage power 4 – Ignition colls (6.2L engine)
25 2009:Ignition coils, Voltage power 4
79 5 2011-2014:Rain sensor
10 2009-2010:CMS 4–speed transmission, 12 and 22 with 4–speed transmission
80 Not used
81 Not used
82 10 2009-2010:Trailer Brake Control Module (TBCM), After market Center High Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL)
83 Not used
84 Not used
1 Powertrain control module
2 Starter
3 Blower motor
4 Rear window defroster
5 2010-2014:Electric fan (high speed)
6 Trailer tow park lamp
7 2010:Upfitter 1 relay2011-2014:Run/start
8 Fuel pump
9 Trailer tow battery charger
10 2010:Upfitter 2 relay2011-2014:Powertrain control module (3.5L engine)
23 Air conditioner clutch
24 Not used
25 Not used
37 Trailer tow left stop/turn
38 Trailer tow right stop/turn
39 Trailer tow back-up lamps
40 2010-2014:Electric fan
62 2011-2014:Wiper motor2010:Upfitter 3 relay
85 2010-2014:Electric fan (low speed)
No. A Protected Circuit
1 30 Moon roof
2 15 Not used (spare)
3 15 Not used (spare)
4 30 Not used (spare)
5 10 Keypad illumination, Brake Shift Interlock (BSI), SJB microprocessor power
6 20 Turn signals, Stop lamps
7 10 Low beam headlamps (left)
8 10 Low beam headlamps (right)
9 15 Interior courtesy lights, Cargo lamps
10 15 Backlighting, Puddle lamps
11 10 2010:GPS module
12 7.5 Power mirror switch, Memory seat module microprocessor power, Steering column switch
13 5 SYNC ®
14 10 2010:Ambient lighting module
15 10 Climate control
16 15 Ignition switch feed
17 20 All lock motor feeds
18 20 Driver memory seat switch
19 25 Not used (spare)
20 15 Adjustable pedals, Datalink
21 15 Fog lamps, Fog lamp indicator
22 15 Park lamps, Side marker lamps
23 15 High beam headlamps
24 20 Horn
25 10 Interior demand lamps, Mid box power feed
26 10 Instrument panel cluster, Key out inhibit solenoid, Radio info display (CID), Radio buttons, Key-in chime
27 20 Not used
28 5 Radio muting
29 5 Instrument panel cluster
30 5 Passenger airbag disable indicator
31 10 Restraints control module
32 10 Non-integrated compass module, Heated-only seat module
33 10 Trailer brake controller
34 5 Electronic locking differential indicator
35 10 Rear park assist
36 5 Passive anti-theft system transceiver
37 10 2010:Upfitter relay coils
38 20 Subwoofer
39 20 Radio, Navigation display
40 20 2010:Rear heated seats module
41 15 Automatic dimming mirror, Door lock switch illumination, Radio accessory delay
42 10 Not used (spare)
43 10 Heated mirror/backlight relay, Rain sensor, Reverse camera
44 10 Not used (spare)
45 5 Front wiper logic, Blower motor relay
46 7.5 Occupant classification sensor (OCS)
47 30 Circuit Breaker:Power windows, Moon roof, Power sliding backlight
48 Delayed accessory relay (Feeds fuse 41 and circuit breaker 47)
No. A Protected Circuit
1 30 Driver side front window
2 15 SYNC, Display module (8 Inch) (2013-2014)
3 30 Passenger side front window
4 10 Interior lamps
5 20 Memory module
6 5 Not used (spare)
7 7.5 Power mirror switch. Memory seat module
8 10 Not used (spare)
9 10 Radio display, GPS module. Electric finish panel module (2013-2014), Navigation display (2011-2012)
10 10 Run/accessory relay
11 10 Instrument cluster
12 15 Interior lighting, Puddle lamps, lighting. Cargo lamp
13 15 Right turn signals/stop lamps
14 15 Left turn signals/stop lamps
15 15 Reverse lights. High-mounted
16 10 Right low-beam headlamp
17 10 Left low-beam headlamp
18 10 Brake-shift interlock, Keypad illumination, Powertrain control module wake-up, Passive anti-theft system
19 20 Audio amplifier
20 20 Power door locks
21 10 2011-2012:Ambient lighting
22 20 Horn
23 15 Steering wheel control module
24 15 Datallnk connector. Steering wh module
25 15 Not used (spare)
26 5 Radio frequency module
27 20 Not used (spare)
28 15 Ignition switch
29 20 Radio
30 15 Front parking lamps
31 5 Brake on/off – Instrument panel. Engine
32 15 Delay/accessory – moonroof, power windows, locks. Automatic dimming mlrror/Compass, Trailer tow power telescope mirrors
33 10 Rear heated seats
34 10 Reverse sensing system, 4×4 switch, Rear video, Off-road indicator (SVT Raptor), Front video (SVT Raptor), Camera splice module (SVT Raptor)
35 5 Hill descent switch (SVT Raptor)
36 10 Restraint control module, Oc flcatlon system module
37 10 Trailer brake control
38 10 Delayed accessory – 110-volt Radio
39 15 Hlgh-beam headlamps
40 10 Rear park lamps
41 7.5 Passenger airbag deactivate Auxiliary switch (SVT Rapto
42 5 Overdrive cancel switch
43 10 Not used (spare)
44 10 Not used (spare)
45 5 Not used (spare)
46 10 Climate controls module
47 15 Fog lamps, Exterior mirror tu
48 30 Circuit breaker: Power windows, Power sliding back window
49 Delayed accessory

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How to wire the DRL harness?

Notice: This installation document is intended to be a tutorial guide. By reading this material, you acknowledge that it is provided solely for informational purposes and that AlphaRex USA and its distributors make no representations or warranties regarding the final outcomes. Under no circumstances will AlphaRex USA or its distributors be liable for any damage, abuse, or personal injury that may result from the use of their products. Obtaining expert assistance to complete the installation is highly suggested if you are unsure of the procedure or do not have a complete understanding of it.

The following is a list of certain models that require the DRL to be installed. 1) Tundra (07-13). (all model) 2) Tacoma, Washington, May 11th (all model) 3) Tacoma, 12-15 p.m. (all model) 4) 16-21 Tacoma (Washington) (SR5 model) 5) 10-13 4 Runner (Second Round) (all model)

Wiring the DRL harness

One of the most important characteristics of our headlights is the ability to operate the DRL strips throughout the daytime without the need to manually engage any of your vehicle’s lighting settings. This is accomplished through the use of the wire harness that is provided with your headlights. There are two different types of DRL harnesses available, depending on the headlamps feature you choose. One that comes with a yellow wire and one that does not have a yellow wire are available. You may just leave the connection on the headlight unplugged if your DRL harness did not arrive with a yellow wire attached to it.

The purpose of the DRL harness is to enable the use of varying intensity DRLs throughout the day and at night.

When the optional harness is added, the headlights will operate in the following ways with the majority of automobiles:

Ignition/Engine ON – DRL at High intensity
Parking Light ON – DRL at reduced intensity – amber side marker
Low Beam ON – DRL at reduced Intensity – Amber side marker – Low beam on
High Beam ON – DRL at reduced Intensity – Amber side marker – Low beam on – High beam on
Automatic Function – Will function as normal

Tapping the grey wire to ignition

You will need to connect the grey wire to a switched fuse located under the hood in order to utilize it. It is recommended that you use a fuse tap similar to the one shown in the illustration below.

Suggest fuse locations

2009-2014 Ford F150 –762015-2017 Ford F150 –76 Ford F150 (1997 model) Ford F150 –10 36 (2018-2019 model year) 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty –35 lb. towing capacity Ford Ranger (2016-2020) –24-inch wheels Ram –F66 M6 M19 (2009-2019) Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD/3500HD (2015-2019) Ram –F66 M6 M19 (2009-2019) 2007-2013 Toyota Tundra ignition switch fuse 2014-2020 Toyota Tundra ignition switch fuse 2014-2020 INTERNAL FUEL FUSE FOR TOYOTA 4Runner

Amazon.com: Ford OEM F-150 Brake Controller Module Kit w/Relays, Instructions : Automotive

The product was reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2017 and was confirmed to be a purchase. Purchase it as well as a low-cost OBD2 Bluetooth dongle. To enable it yourself, simply go to FORScan online unlock developer key and you will be able to retain the money in your wallet instead of paying the Ford dealership. On October 29, 2018, a reviewer in the United States confirmed that they had made a purchase. My purchase was returned because the connector would not fit the car – or so I thought.

I purchased another one from a different internet provider, and it did not fit either – that’s when I realized there was something I had forgotten to include in the order.

It has the appearance of a connection.

I was doing some work on a 2012 Ford F150.

On June 11, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States.

It’s a fantastic product, and the installation was a breeze.

In order to create this specific function, ForScan needs that you purchase a PAID VERSION of the software.

verified purchaseReviewed in the United States on December 20, 2018Verified Purchase Watch one of the numerous installation videos available on the internet.

Check to ensure that your fuse and relay are properly fitted as well.

I was having problems with a brand new 7 pin connector for a vehicle transporter.

I almost forgot to mention that I had to have the dealership turn it on for me.

I couldn’t be more pleased.

Purchase that has been verified This one was purchased to fit my 2013 Ford F-150 XLT.

With the aid of a YouTube video, it is simple to set up.

On August 7, 2017, a review was conducted in the United States.

It looks fantastic, and I no longer have a large, unsightly box protruding from my dashboard!

It’s not an issue After $63 has been spent, everything is set up and ready to go camping.

It barely took 10 minutes to set up, and it was quite simple!

I’m overjoyed to have gotten it!

I am quite pleased with this controller; it performs admirably.

I was scared that the dealer would charge an arm and a leg or wouldn’t program it, but it was well worth the extra money!

This was installed on a 2012 Ford F150 XLT.

On April 13, 2021, a review will be conducted in the United States.

It detected right away that I had a trailer connected (none of the Ensun devices recognized a trailer), and the trailer’s brakes were immediately triggered.

We’ve learnt our lesson!

Purchase that has been verified The brake controller arrived in perfect condition!

When I finally got around to it, it was installed in less than half an hour! It was just today that I was able to visit a dealership! They flashed it, and it now functions flawlessly! They only cost me $18.75 for the service. This merchant comes highly recommended!

Top reviews from other countries

a rating of one out of five stars Product that was incorrectly promoted On September 4, 2020, a review will be conducted in Canada. Purchase that has been verified Despite the fact that this switch was claimed to suit a 2015 F150, it turned out to be an outdated version that wouldn’t work. We had to go out and get a new switch in the middle of our vacation, which was an unexpected expenditure.

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