P1298 ELD circuit voltage high? (Solution)

Error Code P1298 is defined as Electric Load Detector Circuit High Voltage. This means the ELD (Electric Load Detector) is getting high input voltage.

What does the electric load detector do?

The Electronic Load Detector (ELD) detects any electical load on the engine from accessories like A/C controls, radiator fan, lights, heater motor, etc. The ECU uses the ELD’s inputs to adjust alternator output and compensate for the additional electrical loads.

What does eld voltage high mean?

If the voltage input is too high, it signals the PCM that something is not right with the ELD, activating the Check Engine light and registering the code in the process.

What happens when a eld goes bad?

If the ELD malfunctions, there may be too much draw on the battery, resulting in a battery discharge situation. And if the alternator is also shut down, the car will not have enough current to operate efficiently, resulting in the ‘battery low’ indicator lamp in the instrument cluster flickering on and off.

What is eld on Honda Civic?

Honda’s answer to this is the ELD ( Electrical Load Detector ). This unit reads the amperage load directly from the battery and in-turn sends a varied voltage signal to the PCM which regulates the field signal to the alternator.

What is code P0420 Honda?

Code P0420 indicates that the catalytic converter is not functioning efficiently, therefore increasing the output of harmful pollutants by your Honda.

How do I fix code p1456?

If you have this code, know that it’s a pretty easy fix. Start by doing a visual inspection to make sure your cap is there and it is properly in place. If it appears to be on right, try resetting the code and move forward with troubleshooting.

How long can you use paper logs after an ELD malfunction?

There are no ELD extension provisions, as described in 49 CFR 395. There is also a different maximum number of days where the recording of the driver’s hours of service on a paper log or electronic logging software can be done, as a driver in the U.S. cannot continue for more than 8 days after the malfunction.

How long can you run paper logs?

ELD Rule Exceptions As specified in the ELD rule, the following are not required to use ELDs (but carriers may choose to use ELDs even if they are not required): Drivers who use paper logs no more than 8 days during any 30-day period.

P1298 – Electric Load Detector Circuit High Voltage (Honda) – TroubleCodes.net

Trouble Code Fault Location Probable Cause
P1298 Electric Load Detector Circuit High Voltage (Honda)IDM Failure (Ford)Air/Fuel Ratio Lean Under Wide Open Throttle Condition (Chrysler, Dodge)

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What Does Code P1298 Mean?

If the powertrain control module (PCM) in your Honda vehicle has recorded the code P1298, it signifies that the PCM has identified an issue with a component of the charging system known as the electronic load detector (ELD) or ELD circuit, and it has stored the code. This code especially refers to a situation in which a voltage signal that is greater than expected has been detected and is being processed. According to my observations, only Honda cars are equipped with this sort of ELD device, which is designated by the code P1298.

  1. It may be mistaken for a fuse, however it really detects the amount of voltage (current) that is being drawn from the battery and charging system, rather than the voltage itself.
  2. To accommodate variable load needs, the alternator’s voltage output can be allowed to fluctuate as a result of this feature.
  3. The alternator output must be reduced to near zero (typically 12.1 volts) while these accessories are not in use in order to preserve fuel and extend the life of the alternator and other components.
  4. It is possible that the PCM will store a code P1298 and the malfunction indication lamp (MIL) may activate if a voltage signal from the ELD circuit is larger than the voltage the PCM anticipated the alternator to generate at a certain time under specified conditions.
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What are the common causes of code P1298?

  • A faulty ELD
  • A faulty PCM or a programming issue in the PCM
  • An internal regulator malfunction has resulted in an overcharging of the alternator.

What are the symptoms of code P1298?

  • Battery that is swollen, leaking, or completely discharged
  • Lighting that is unusually brilliant
  • Noise coming from the alternator that is not usual
  • Failure of the alternator and/or battery on a regular basis

How do you troubleshoot code P1298?

When troubleshooting a code P1298, I make it a point to have a diagnostic scanner, a digital volt/ohmmeter, and a reputable vehicle information source such as All Data (DIY) on hand. A factory technical service bulletin is extremely likely to have been issued in response to the symptoms displayed by the vehicle in question, as well as the stored code P1298, and it is very possible that this is the case (TSB). The electronic logging device (ELD) used in Honda automobiles has exhibited a predisposition to fail.

  • It is possible that the information included therein will be useful in your diagnosis.
  • Before continue with your diagnostic, be sure that any corroded or broken components have been repaired or replaced.
  • Make a note of it since it will nearly always come in helpful if the diagnosis takes longer than expected because of an intermittent ailment.
  • While utilizing the DVOM to evaluate live voltage data at the alternator, keep an eye on the data displayed on the scanner’s display.
  • In rare instances, the removal of the complete fuse box will be required in order to replace the ELD.
  • If the ELD voltage indicated on the scanner matches the ELD voltage reported on the DVOM, suspect a faulty PCM or a programming mistake in the PCM programming.

Codes Related to P1298

  • A low-voltage electric load detector (ELD) circuit is designated as P1297.
  • Input Voltage Input Problem with the Battery Module (P1568)
  • Input Voltage Input Problem with the Battery Cell (P1449)
  • Input Voltage Input Problem with the Battery Cell (P1580)

Other Manufacturer Specific Definitions for P1298

Internal error in the injector control module (Ford) Electrical load control module with a high voltage output (Acura) System is excessively lean when the throttle is held open for an extended period of time (Chrysler) System is excessively lean when the throttle is held open for an extended period of time (Dodge) High-voltage circuit load detector – electrical load detector (Honda) Electrical load sensor with a high circuit/voltage output (Isuzu) System is excessively lean when the throttle is held open for an extended period of time (Jeep) System is excessively lean when the throttle is held open for an extended period of time (Plymouth)

BAT Team Discussions for P1298

  • Electric Power Loss P12982002 for the Civic 2002 Honda Civic with 38k miles on the odometer, and I don’t push it too hard. Maintenance has been performed on a regular basis. Sparkplugs were replaced last summer, and injector cleaner, as well as water remover, were put to the fuel. Heet. Since the beginning of the winter, I’ve been experiencing issues with engine power while driving after the car has been idle for a period of time.
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P1298 ELD circuit voltage high

Almost all Honda cars are equipped with an electric load detector (ELD), which detects when there is a problem with the charging system and increases the voltage of the P1298 ELD circuit when there is a problem. ELD sends a signal to the ECM, which in turn controls the voltage regulator and changes the field coil voltage to match the current drawn by the load. The ELD lowers the field coil voltage during periods of low load in order to improve fuel efficiency. P1298 ELD circuit voltage high trouble code was first reported on May 6, 2005, and Honda responded with service bulletin05-006 to fix the problem.

  1. Before you replace the item, do the high voltage checks on the P1298 ELD circuit that are listed below: 1) Reset the electronic control module.
  2. If the high voltage of the ELD circuit is not set, the problem will be intermittent.
  3. Check for continuity between terminal1 and ground at that point as well.
  4. 3.
  5. 4) Start the engine and allow it to idle for a few minutes.
  6. After then, switch on your headlights.
  7. If the voltage does decrease, the ECM is the source of the problem.
  8. Honda CivicP1298 ELD circuit voltage is over normal.
  9. Honda CRVP1298 ELD circuit voltage is over normal.
  10. Rick Muscoplat is a professional musician.


p1298 code(electrical load detector circuit high imput) help please.

Oh my God, you’ve done some serious harm, haven’t you? I’m kidding, but if you have a jumper wire and a DMM (digital multimeter), I can assist you in diagnosing the problem. First and foremost, the ECM must be reset. Simply remove the number 6 fuse for 10 seconds and then re-insert the fuse. Then start the engine and switch on the headlights to see whether the code is the same as the first time. If it isn’t there, you’ve had an intermittent problem. Check the connections at the ELD for any problems (electrical load detector).

  1. Disconnect the ELD 3P connector from the ELD.
  2. Actually, it’s underneath it.
  3. and measure the voltage between the body ground and terminal no.
  4. (Terminal no.
  5. If the battery voltage is not present, check the no.
  6. 4 fuse and the ELD.
  7. With a jumper wire, connect the ELD 3P connecter terminal no.

A green/red wire is connected to the third terminal.

the ECM/PCM connecter E must be disconnected after that (31P).

It is the green/red wire that is connected to terminal 15.

If the answer is no, close the gap in the wire between the ECM E15 and the ELD.

2 and the body ground.

Is there a sense of continuity?

If this is the case, reconnect the ELD connecter as well as the ECM connector.

Turn on the high beams of the headlights while measuring the voltage between the ECM/PCM connecter terminals A24 (brown/yellow wire) and E15 (green/red wire) on the ECM/PCM connector.

Is there a dip in voltage? If the answer is no, the ELD should be replaced. If the answer is affirmative, either update or replace the ECM. I hope this has been of assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

P1298 Fault Code (ALL BRANDS)

The fault codeP1298 OBDIIis a manufacturer-specific code that Honda associates with a defect in one of the components of the charging system, which is often referred to as the electric metering device (ELD) (Electric Load Detector). It is activated when a high voltage situation is detected that exceeds the permitted values. Honda cars are the only ones that have ELD devices. When the electrical load detector is activated, it changes the current flowing via the fuse and relay box, which is placed beneath the hood.

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The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) adjusts the voltage provided to the coil in response to the signal received by the Electronic Locking Device (ELD).

It is common for factory accessories to be utilized, such as those for the air conditioning system and the lighting system, for the alternator’s output voltage to be near to 14.4 volts.

Sparky’s Answers – 2001 Honda Civic P1298, ELD Fault

This 2001 Honda Civic had a slew of issues when it arrived to our shop. One of these codes, P1298, was kept for an ELD malfunction and was accessed (electric load detector circuit input high). I had never had to put one of them to the test before, despite the fact that I was aware that they existed. The ELD communicates with the engine control computer, which allows the computer to change the alternator output in response to the amount of electricity being consumed. The ELD may be found in the fuse box under the hood.

  • It was necessary to raise the underhood fuse box and remove the bottom cover in order to test the ELD.
  • The power supply line is located on the far right of the connection (battery voltage).
  • There is a five-volt signal coming from the computer through the wire on its far left of the connection.
  • When the blower or headlights are turned on, for example, the temperature should drop.
  • If the voltage had been close to zero, I would have had to disconnect the connector and check to see if the five volt reference signal was being transmitted by the computer and wiring.
  • I took out the four phillips headed screws that were holding the two PAL fuses in place and replaced them.

I just raised the device off the floor after removing the wiring. Installed the replacement unit after sliding the bar out of the way. Here are a handful of photos showing the genuine Honda ELD component in action, for your viewing pleasure.

CÓDIGO P1298 (todas las marcas)

Falling Star Detection Code The code P1298 OBDII is a manufacturer-specific code that indicates a malfunction in one of the components of the charging system, commonly referred to as the ELD (Electric Load Detector). When a condition of high voltage is detected, it results in the establishment of a higher voltage than is permitted. It is important to note that the ELD devices are only used in Honda vehicles, which is a first in the industry. The elctrical load detector transforms the current flowing via the fuse box and relay box, which is located beneath the capo.

According to the signal received by the ELD, the voltage applied to the bobina is controlled by the voltaje control module of the train of potential.

When factory-made accessories, such as those for the air conditioning system and the lighting system, are used, the resulting voltage drop is around 14.4 volts, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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