Trunk won’t lock Ford? (Professionals recommend)

  • Ford has issued a service bulletin #10-5-9 to address an issue where Ford trunk won’t lock on the vehicles listed below. In these cases, you can slam the trunk but the trunk won’t lock. The bulletin applies to these Ford vehicles where the trunk latch solenoid is stuck open and Ford trunk won’t lock.

Why is my trunk not locking?

Lock actuator malfunction: The lock actuator is what controls the lock on your trunk. If this button doesn’t lock any of the doors, then most likely the battery in the button is dead or the button is faulty. If the button locks the doors, but doesn’t lock the trunk, then the actuator is probably at fault.

Why is my car trunk not closing?

Examine the latch and the area where it connects to the body of the car. Either of these might have become bent out of shape or damaged in some other way if the trunk has been shut with an obstruction in the way. If the body work is warped or out of shape, the latch could be out of alignment.

How do you manually lock your trunk?

Q: How do you lock the trunk?

  1. Insert the key into the lock on the trunk release latch located on the driver side floorboard.
  2. Turn it to the left to lock the trunk. Turn it to the right to unlock the trunk.
  3. Double check that the rear seat trunk access is also locked. The lock is located above the seat on the rear deck.

Why is my boot not opening?

Broken cable – A common problem with the boot not opening is that the cable that runs between the boot and the unlock lever is broken and doesn’t open the boot when it is pulled. This could have been caused by rust over time or water corroding the cable and the boot release cable needs to be replaced.

What is a trunk lock actuator?

What Is A Trunk Lock Actuator. Most modern trunks are now able to wirelessly opened via the key fob or by pressing a button on the vehicle’s interior. Similar to the door lock actuator, the trunk works in the same way through a system of sensors and motors that work to open and close the trunk.

What is a trunk latch?

The trunk latch holds your valuables firmly closed inside the back of your vehicle. When engaged, only a key fob or a physical insertion of a key should be able to disengage the latch. An anchor handle and latching mechanism are the two components that make up most trunk latches in modern vehicles.

How does a car trunk latch work?

A car trunk locking mechanism consists of a latch, a striker mechanism, a mechanical release mechanism, and an electric release mechanism. When the trunk is shut closed, the striker is locked with by the latch; this causes the trunk door to be locked in place. Some vehicles are equipped with an electric release button.

How much is it to fix a trunk?

Trunk Lock Cylinder Replacement Cost – RepairPal Estimate. Labor costs are estimated between $41 and $51 while parts are priced at $134. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

What holds your trunk open?

The vehicle’s trunk strut is a mechanism that is used to keep your car’s trunk open.

Why is my automatic trunk not opening?

The trunk lock actuator is likely the problem. If there is no current to the actuator, then the wiring will need to be inspected for an open circuit. One other possibility is that some aftermarket and dealer-installed remote lock systems have a hidden valet setting that keeps the trunk locked.

Trunk won’t lock Ford

Ford has published a service bulletin10-5-9 to fix an issue where the Ford trunk would not lock on some cars, including those mentioned below. Even if you smash the trunk, the trunk will not lock under certain circumstances. The advisory is applicable to these Ford cars in which the trunk latch solenoid has been jammed open and the Ford trunk will not lock as a result. Crown Victoria, Focus, Fusion, Mustang, and Taurus from 2006 to 2010. Lincoln Zephyr, model year 2006. Lincoln MKZ (2007-2010) Lincoln MKS (2010 model year) Mercury Sable (2006-2009) Mercury Grand Marquis in Milan from 2006 until 2010.

Ford advises the following test technique to determine if this is the source of the problem: A new trunk latch and lock have been installed.

Then, in the passenger compartment, press and hold the trunk lid release button for a few seconds.

This warning does not apply if the trunk lid closes and locks on its own.

A new trunk latch has been installed.

3) If everything looks to
be in working order, the latch should be replaced.

assembly for 2006-2009 Fusion, Milan, Zephyr, MKZ vehicles made up to 9/20067E5Z-5443200-BLock assembly up to 2/2009AE5Z-5443200-ALock assembly for 2010 Fusion, Milan, MKZ6R3Z-6343200-BLock assembly for 2006-07 Mustang8R3Z-5443200-ALock assembly for 2008-10 Mustang7W7Z-5443200-ALock assembly for Crown Victoria, Gran MarquisAS4Z-5443200-ALock assembly for Focus AS4Z-5443200-ALock assembly for Focus The labor time is specified in the bulletin.

2015, it took 4 hours to replace the lock assembly.

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Trunk Won’t Open? What To Do When You Are Locked Out Of Your Trunk

Posted on the web by Despite the fact that trunk locks are identical in appearance to ordinary automobile door locks, this does not imply that they are the same. Surface-level considerations suggest that drivers should seek to maintain and care for their vehicle trunk locks in the same manner in which they maintain and repair their car door locks. This will assist to lessen the possibility of you saying to yourself, ‘my trunk won’t open,’ and it will relieve you of the weight of attempting to find out what you need to do to proceed.

The following are the procedures for unlocking your locked trunk:

  1. Check the trunk
  2. Interior access
  3. Do-it-yourself solutions
  4. And auto locksmith

You have the option of tackling your trunk lock on your own or enlisting the assistance of a professional auto locksmith to assist you in solving the problem. Overall, the path to take once you’ve discovered that your trunk will not open looks to be straightforward, but there are a number of elements that will impact your decision in some manner.

If you want to make the most accurate decision possible when you are locked out of your trunk, you must do your best to educate yourself and comprehend the aspects that come together to affect your course of action.

Reasons Your Trunk Won’t Open

What happens next is that you find yourself screaming (possibly shrieking into the ether) ‘my trunk won’t open,’ but what happens after that? The good news is that you at least considered it necessary to attempt to discover a solution that would aid in the resolution of your problem, indicating that you are on the right route. If you’ve ever dealt with anything even somewhat linked to a car lockout, you’ll realize how aggravating it can be. Unfortunately, not being able to open your trunk falls into this category.

In some circumstances, your trunk will not open because you have locked your keys in the trunk, while in others, it may be due to a problem with the trunk lock or the trunk lock mechanism.

First, I’d want to throw some light on some of the reasons why your trunk won’t open before I get started on the process of telling you what to do when you find yourself locked out of your car.

1. Locked Keys In Trunk

In the first instance, the problem is clear, and it is one that most locksmiths come with on a regular basis. It is my intention to reassure anyone who believes they have misinterpreted the subheading that they have not. Some drivers make the mistake of locking their keys in their car trunk, which results in them being locked out of the entire vehicle on a number of occasions. I must admit that this has occurred to me in the past. Because they believe they will never be able to lock oneself out of their trunk by just leaving the keys in the trunk, many people reject this as a myth.

To be really honest, it only takes a split second for you to accidentally lock your keys in the trunk and find yourself stating, ‘My trunk won’t open.

I’ll go into more detail about these options later on.

Simply open one door, open the car, and either use a manual trunk unlock or unlock the entire vehicle are all that is required.

2. Broken Trunk Lock

It is possible that a problem with the lock itself will result in your trunk not opening, in addition to the fact that you have locked your vehicle keys in it. In most circumstances, this indicates that the lock has failed or that there is an inherent flaw in the mechanism that prevents it from functioning as intended. It’s possible that the trunk latch, trunk lock, or other internal systems responsible for the smooth operation of the lock have malfunctioned as a result of the malfunction. For certain cars, this might simply be the consequence of the lock becoming worn out, or it could be the result of the lock becoming damaged as a result of an external force being applied to it.

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The damage to a car trunk lock can be caused by exerting extreme force on it, or it can be caused simply by the fact that it has not been serviced for a long period of time.

The Most Important Tip for Broken Trunk Locks: If the fault is with the lock cylinder or the lock assembly, the trunk must be opened in order to repair or maintain the lock.

If you have replacement components, you may still benefit from having a professional locksmith on hand to open the trunk and resolve the problem.

3. Non-Responsive Key Fob

Due to the fact that many older vehicle models do not employ transponder keys, this is not typically a problem for drivers of earlier automobile types. Classic automobiles, on the other hand, have their own set of security concerns to reckon with. Essentially, a key fob is a remote device that allows you to do particular activities on your car. You’d think it would be easy, wouldn’t you? This fob is in charge of talking with a specified vehicle and transferring information and signals that correspond to a certain activity being carried out by the driver’s vehicle, according to the manufacturer.

Nevertheless, if your key fob has not been correctly programmed, there is a good chance that you will not be able to open your trunk if you make an attempt to do so.

As part of the programming process, you must ensure that your key is connected to your vehicle in a way that allows them to interact with one another and perform specified tasks for your vehicle.

In addition to the causes given above, there are likely to be other circumstances that prevent you from being able to open your vehicle’s trunk, so keep this in mind when you find yourself stating, ‘my trunk won’t open.’ Let’s get right to the point of what you should do if you discover that your trunk won’t open.

And, if you find that your remote is the source of the problem, always consider changing the batteries first before investing in a new remote control.

Trunk Won’t Open? Here’s What To Do

When you are trying to open your car trunk and discover that you are unable to do so, I completely understand the feeling of panic that may come over you. I have been there. For this reason, I understand that asking you to check again will most likely leave you confused, annoyed, and on the lookout for a more relevant and pertinent response. Although it is not necessary, it is not a bad idea to double-check the information. You might find that doing so ends up saving you both time and money in the long run!

Before you go ahead of yourself, I would just want to caution you that being cool is vital.

Take the time to double-check your vehicle to verify that you have not overlooked anything.

Ideally, you should attempt to open it manually by inserting your key, or by pressing the corresponding button on yourcar key fob.

The reason I asked you to check again is that most cars have multiple ways you can access the car trunk, and in their haste, most drivers forget this. Never fail to double examine your car since there is always the potential that anything might have been overlooked. Key Takeaways:

  • Consider re-unlocking the trunk if you have access to your keys or if your car is already in motion. Turn your key a few times between the lock and unlock positions to see whether it works. Even if the car is already open, try unlocking it using the manual trunk unlock on the driver’s side.

2. Check For Interior Access

This following point builds on the last point, which pushed you to double-check to ensure that your trunk would not open accidentally. Interior access in this case simply refers to the ability to reach your trunk from the inside of your car. The fact that internal access is not a universal solution for all trunk locks, and that it is not always guaranteed to function, is something I would like to emphasize. In the case of guarantees, there are two issues to consider. To begin, if your trunk lock is broken in any way, you will still want the services of a locksmith even if you are successful in opening the trunk.

  1. In the next sections, I’ll go into further detail about what I mean.
  2. While doing so may enable you to open your trunk from the inside, it will not necessarily resolve the underlying problem that may have prevented your trunk from opening in the first place.
  3. Additionally, the manual button that operates your trunk is the quickest and most convenient way to open your automobile trunk from the inside of the vehicle.
  4. The most important takeaways are as follows:
  • Consider rechecking all of your doors if you suspect you’ve been locked out of your car while your keys are still in the trunk. Even if you are able to get back inside the car, if the trunk lock is damaged, you may not be able to open it. If you have a hatchback, opening the trunk will offer you access to the inside of the vehicle. When you are able to get into the car, utilize the manual trunk unlock on the driver’s side.

3. Explore DIY Solutions

If you are unable to access your trunk using the methods outlined above, you may want to consider other do-it-yourself alternatives. Now, I am not opposed to do-it-yourself solutions, but I believe that drivers should exercise caution while using them in certain situations. I see why they are so appealing to a wide range of individuals, including homeowners who want to make security modifications to their homes or, in this example, a motorist whose vehicle’s trunk will not open. However, the problem with do-it-yourself solutions is that there are sometimes hidden costs involved in the process that you will not be aware of until it is much too late.

  1. DIY solutions are frequently more expensive, but not in the traditional sense of the word.
  2. Consider the following scenario: if you have spare keys in your car that will assist you in unlocking your trunk, you can attempt to break into it (if your car is locked) and then strive to resolve your situation.
  3. You will need to have access to a complete set of auto lock picks in order to accomplish this (such as theNS multifunctional utility tool set).
  4. Additionally, drivers may make use of the supplies that they already have on hand to create some quick and simple DIY solutions.

If you continue to use do-it-yourself solutions, you will eventually fail. In the event that your attempt is unsuccessful, you face the danger of further harming your car. The most important takeaways are as follows:

  • DIY solutions for unlocking locked trunks have the potential to cause harm to your car. Although opening a trunk yourself might save you money, you may end up spending more money on servicing expenses if something goes wrong. Call a locksmith before you decide to shatter windows or employ any other harmful entry method.

4. Contact An Auto Locksmith

It is my understanding that the majority of individuals would prefer not to contact a locksmith when they want assistance, and I am not sure if this is because they are too embarrassed to ask for assistance or because they have had negative customer service experiences with locksmiths in the past. In any case, you must recognize that if your automobile trunk is locked and your trunk will not open, you will require the aid of a locksmith at some time. Even if you choose one of the methods listed above, you should be aware that some of them are simply intended to provide you with temporary access to your trunk and are not intended to address the underlying cause of the problem.

  1. As a result, you would still require the services of a locksmith to resolve your issue.
  2. Auto locksmiths deal with these kind of circumstances on a regular basis, and as a result, they will be far more skilled at getting you back into your vehicle without causing any damage to any of the vehicle’s internal mechanisms.
  3. There are a variety of various automobile models available, which means that there is no universal answer that can be applied to all of them.
  4. The most important takeaways are as follows:
  • By contacting a locksmith, you can prevent causing unnecessary harm. A locksmith may repair locks, create new keys, and access your car
  • He or she can also provide security consultation. Consult with a locksmith for long-lasting adjustments and skilled solutions
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Closing Thoughts

In the event that you began this post by lamenting the fact that your trunk would not open, I hope you now have enough answers to assist you in getting back inside your trunk. It is unlikely that the procedure will be straightforward, and there is a very good chance that you will want some form of support at some point. The most essential thing to remember in this situation is to maintain your composure and avoid more damage to your vehicle while attempting to open your trunk. Safety and Security in the Automobile, Car Keys, and Other Safety and Security

How to Open a Trunk

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation The process of getting into your trunk may appear to be insurmountable when you can’t find your vehicle keys, or if your electronic key fob isn’t functioning properly. However, there are several ways you may use to get into the trunk that you should attempt first.

If your automobile is not locked, it is relatively simple to gain access to the trunk. If your car is locked, on the other hand, you’ll have to unlock it before you can even think about going into the trunk of the vehicle. When in doubt, call a professional locksmith.

  1. 1If the trunk unlock button on the key fob is functioning properly, press it once more. The majority of automobiles manufactured after 2000 are equipped with key fobs that allow you to electrically unlock the doors of the vehicle. In most situations, there is a dedicated trunk button on the key fob that may be accessed by pressing it. By pressing this, the trunk will automatically open
  2. 2 If you don’t have power locks, you can use the car key to open the trunk lock. Almost every automobile model features a trunk lock mechanism, which allows you to get into the trunk even if the electronic key fob isn’t functioning properly. Fitting the car’s key into the trunk lock and turning it should result in the trunk opening with no difficulty. Advertisement
  3. s3 If the car is not locked, you may use the trunk open function from the front seat to open the trunk. The trunk of most automobiles is opened by pressing a button or pulling a lever located on the dashboard or in the region between the front seats. If you’re in the front seat, it’s simple to open the trunk by pressing a button or pulling a lever
  4. If you’re in the back, it’s more difficult.
  • If you’re not sure where the trunk button or lever is located in the front seat, review the car’s owner’s handbook to find out where it is.
  • 4 Make a phone call to the nearest car dealership to get an emergency key. When driving a Ford, for example, and there is a Ford dealership nearby, you should call them to inquire about the possibility of receiving an emergency key to unlock the trunk. Only the trunk and car doors may be opened with these emergency keys
  • They will not fit in the ignition or start the vehicle.
  • Before the dealership will do this service, you will almost certainly be required to submit evidence of ownership.
  1. Insert the hook end of a slim jim between the window and the frame of the window. A slim jim or lockout tool will be required if you want to unlock a car without the keys. The hook end of the sim jim tool should be pointing downward when it is placed against the passenger-side window. The tool should be slid lower, between the window and the window trim, at the bottom, near the door handle.
  • A slim jim may be purchased at the majority of car parts retailers. A slim jim won’t work on a car that has electronic locks, as you might expect. You should contact a locksmith if your automobile is electronic and you do not have the key, key fob, or access code
  • Otherwise, you will be stranded.
  1. 2Put the slim jim all the way down into the door and look for the lock rod. Adjust the tool’s height so that it fits into the space between the door and the window. This portion contains a lock rod, which links the lock to the handle by means of a pin. 2Sliding around close to the door handle till you feel it hooking the rod
  2. 3Pulling up on the lock rod with the slim jim is the final step. Once you’ve hooked the rod, slowly raise the slim jim to the top of the door frame to unlock it. It will become clear that the door has been unlocked when you hear the lock click. Open the front door and depress the trunk opening mechanism located in the front seat of the vehicle. To get inside your automobile, you’ll need to open the door and climb inside. If the car is still powered, you may simply open the trunk by pressing the trunk open button or pulling the trunk lever. Advertisement
  1. Move into the backseat and locate the release mechanism for the seatbelt. If you are unable to open the trunk using the trunk open mechanism located in the front seat, you should crawl into the rear seat. Many automobile models include release mechanisms for the rear seats, which allow you to fold them forward so that you can get to the trunk easier and more quickly. If you are unsure of where the lever is located, see your owner’s handbook.
  • Not all automobile models enable access to the trunk from the rear seat. The best option if yours does not is to contact a locksmith to unlock the trunk for you.
  • 2 To fold the seat forward, use the lever on the left side of the seat. When you’ve located the seat release mechanism, move the lever forward to release the seat. With your other hand, grasp the top of the seat and pull the seatback forward
  • The trunk may need you to fold both seatbacks forward, depending on the size of your vehicle and the size of your body.
  • 3 Climb inside the trunk and locate the lever that releases the safety latch. Once you have a clear view into the trunk, crawl forward such that you can at least partially slip into the trunk. Locate the trunk safety release lever in the trunk, which is normally illuminated in the dark and may be found either in the back of the area or at the front, depending on your vehicle’s configuration
  • A trunk release safety mechanism, which is intended to prevent children from accidently locking themselves inside a car, may not be present in vehicles manufactured prior to 2002. If you are unable to locate your trunk’s safety release lever, go to your owner’s handbook for assistance.
  1. 4Pull the lever to the left to open the trunk. When you’ve located the safety release function, yank down on the lever until it releases. The trunk will then spring open as a result of this action. Advertisement

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  • QuestionMy trunk is locked, and I don’t have a key to open it. There is no key fob or inside trunk release, and I am unable to access through the rear seat due to a solid brace that is obstructing the passageway. What should I do in this situation? Drive to a store in your automobile. Alternatively, you might attempt unscrewing the tail light and using a strong wire to unlock the latch

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  • If you don’t have your keys and can’t get into your car to open the trunk, it’s always advisable to call a locksmith to avoid causing any damage to your vehicle. If you have the code, you can use the electronic keypad to unlock the vehicle.

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What Is A Door Trunk Latch?

The trunk latch secures your valuables in the trunk of your vehicle, keeping them safe and secure. A key fob or physical insertion of a key should be the only way to release the latch after it has been locked in place. When it comes to trunk latches in modern automobiles, the two components that make them up are an anchor handle and a latching mechanism. Depending on the vehicle, it might be anything from the hook and lock cylindercomplex built into the trunk to something more mechanism, such as a door lock actuator, which is made up of multiple motors and sensors that must all work together to guarantee that the latch functions properly.

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Common Signs And Symptoms That You Need To Replace A Trunk Latch

  • For the latch to function properly, the trunk must be slammed or closed several times. When the car is moving, the latch opens. No matter what the cause, the trunk will not be closed.

How Important Is This Service?

Alternatively, if it is not broken but you are still experiencing problems with your trunk, you may require alatch adjustment. A malfunctioning trunk latch is not only harmful to you, but it is also unsafe to other vehicles on the road. Before, people have been prosecuted for having goods fly out of the back of their trunk, causing other drivers to become distracted and even causing harm to themselves or their car. You should repair this immediately if you believe that not having furniture or a child’s bicycle go through your front window is something that all drivers should feel fairly secure about.

Ford Recalls 2.2 Million Vehicles Again Due to Faulty Door Latch

  • If it is not broken, but you are still experiencing problems with your trunk, you may require an alatch adjustment to correct the situation. An inoperable trunk latch is not only unsafe to you, but it is also dangerous to other motorists on the road. Before, people have been prosecuted for having goods fly out of the back of their trunk, causing other drivers to become distracted and even causing damage to themselves or their vehicles. If you believe that not having furniture or a child’s bicycle go through your front window is something that all drivers should be able to rely on, do the person behind you in traffic a favor and get this repaired or replaced as soon as you possibly can.

Approximately 2.2 million Ford cars in the United States from model years 2011 to 2016 have been recalled to fix defective door latches that can get unlatched while the vehicle is in motion. Vehicles covered by the recall, which includes numerous models of Ford and Lincoln sedans, crossover SUVs, and vans, include those that were previously recalled for the same issue in 2015 and 2016, but which may not have had all of the latches replaced or, if they were replaced, may have been done incorrectly.

  • This finally resulted in a door opening while the automobile was being driven in the first place.
  • Ford has said that it is not aware of any injuries that have occurred as a result of the malfunctioning door latch.
  • It is also possible for owners to bring their automobiles to a dealership, where the locks will be checked.
  • In order to determine whether or if their car is affected by the recall, Ford owners can call customer support at 866–436–7332 or visit the NHTSA recalls website.

This material was generated and maintained by a third party and imported onto this website in order to assist users in providing their email addresses for further consideration. You may be able to discover further information on this and other related items at the website

2016 Edge Trunk Won’t Open

Abridged version of the online Workshop Manual’s description of the liftgate latchrelease components and their function for manual liftgates. Release of the Liftgate Latch (manual liftgate) The liftgate latch can be unlocked by pressing the following buttons:

  • Abridged version of the online Workshop Manual’s description of the latchrelease components and their functioning for the manual liftgate. Latch Release for the Liftgate (manual liftgate) The liftgate latch may be unlocked by pressing the following buttons on the remote control:

The Body Control Module (BCM) communicates with the outside liftgate release switch by sending a voltage signal. After pressing the liftgate release switch, the voltage signal is sent to ground, indicating that the liftgate latch has been requested to be released. The liftgate latch is actuated by the release motor when the BCM temporarily delivers electricity to the liftgate latch. When the liftgate release switch is pressed, the BCM releases the liftgate only if the doors have been electronically unlocked and the vehicle is in PARK, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  1. This button is located on the rear of the vehicle (manual liftgate).
  2. The passive key is activated when a signal from the low frequency antenna is received.
  3. Input from the passive key is translated into a high frequency signal by the RTM, which transmits the information to the BCM.
  4. The diagnostic methods and replacement instructions for the external liftgate release switch and latch mechanism are provided below.

Edge – Manual Liftgate Release Diagnostic Procedure – Workshop Manual (2016 Edge – Manual Liftgate Release Diagnostic Procedure).pdf (download link) Workshop Manual for the 2016 Ford Edge: Liftgate Inner Trim Panel Removal and Installation (in PDF format) (download link) Remove the liftgate release switch and install it again in your 2016 Edge using the Workshop Manual.pdf (download link) Liftgate Latch Removal and Installation – Workshop Manual for the 2016 Ford Edge.pdf (download link) Wishing you the best of luck!

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6 Common Trunk Won’t Close/Open Problems

if your trunk won’t close, check the latch and the hinge where it attaches to the car’s body to determine the problem. It’s possible that one or both of these have gotten twisted or broken, making it impossible for the trunk to close. Furthermore, if the vehicle has been in an accident or been rear-ended, the frame may have been deformed, and the latch may not have been correctly aligned.

Common Problems

These are a few of the most prevalent reasons why a trunk will not shut properly. 1. The trunk does not close. An internal breakdown has occurred in the latch assembly. It is possible to resolve this issue by changing the entire latch component. 2. The trunk striker is not properly positioned. When a striker is misaligned, it will cause the latch to miss the striker, resulting in an issue with the trunk shutting. You may need to unscrew the two bolts that hold the striker in place and realign it to correct the problem.

  • Misalignment of the latches as a result of a rear-end accident As a result of the impact, the metal that holds the striker may shift out of position, causing the latch to no longer align with the striker.
  • 3.
  • It is possible that the latch vibration, age, and corrosion may cause the release level to be damaged, or that the latch release lever will break, resulting in the trunk not being able to open.
  • 4.
  • The broken plastic retainer may cause the cable to become misaligned, preventing the necessary directional pull to the release lever from being achieved.
  • 5.
  • It is possible that a misaligned cable, as a consequence of a damaged release lever or a broken plastic retainer, will cause a broken link between a driver’s release lever and the latch.

6. An electric latch releasesolenoid that has been damaged A faulty electric latch release solenoid may also result in the trunk not opening when the electric release button is pressed or when the fob is programmed to open the trunk.


First, make sure that the trunk is correctly aligned with the rest of the vehicle. Verify the voltage coming from the connections. A issue with the wiring might be the cause of no 12 volts being detected while pushing the release switch; however, if there are 12 volts present while pressing the release button, the latch solenoid could be the source of the problem. If the problem is with the solenoid release switch, you should replace the entire trunk latch assembly; if the problem is with the wiring of the fuse, you need either replace the fuse or re-wire the entire trunk latch assembly.

This can be caused by a faulty micro switch inside the latch assembly.

The trunk will not open when the trunk release lever is pressed from outside the vehicle’s interior.

Alternatively, a defective connection connecting the outside lever to the latch release mechanism might be to blame.

How does the trunk locking mechanism work?

Latch, striker mechanism, mechanical release mechanism, and electric release mechanism are all components of an automobile trunk locking system. Latch: Latch is the part of the trunk locking mechanism that latches on. When the trunk door is closed, the striker is secured in place by the latch, resulting in the trunk door being locked in place as well. To open the trunk, a release lever is pushed by a mechanism from either the driver’s side or from the trunk handle on the passenger side. Vehicles equipped with an electric release button are available on the market.


It is possible for a trunk locking mechanism to fail for a variety of reasons, but the most typical problems are those produced by a faulty trunk latch or a trunk that is not correctly aligned.

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