Brake Job Ripoffs? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • The two most common brake job rip-offs • Luring you in with a coupon or “sale” special • Recommending caliper replacements on every brake job that comes into the shop Here’s how to avoid getting ripped off on your next brake job. How much does a brake job cost—really

How much does a brake job typically cost?

Expect a brake job of replacing brake pads and rotors to cost $250-$400 per axle on average. If you drive a heavy-duty pickup truck and haul or tow a lot, your costs may go up quite a built.

How much does a brake job cost labor?

According to Repair Pal, labor costs for larger brake jobs such as a rotor replacement are around $160-$200. Parts and materials for this job and other similar jobs are usually priced between $250-$360. So overall, a brake job can cost you anywhere from $400-$600 depending on a wide variety of factors.

Why are brake jobs so expensive?

Brake repairs at a dealership may cost a little more than other places because the dealer uses factory provided parts, which may cost more, and their labor usually bills out a little higher than independent shops due to the training and certifications required to work for a franchised dealer.

How much does it cost to get front brakes replaced?

The average cost to replace your front brake discs and pads is £224.00. Costs can range from £140 to £400. The average cost to replace your back brake discs and pads is £249.00. Again, those costs can range from £140 to £400.

How much is a brake job at Jiffy Lube?

$179 for a Full Brake Replacement Package per Axle at Jiffy Lube ($365 Value)

How much is a brake job at Walmart?

However, Walmart does provide an at-home brake replacement service by Wrench Mobile Mechanic Service starting from $160. Walmart also sells brake pads and service tool kits for sedan and 4X4 models.

How many hours does a brake job take?

The bare minimum for a single axle brake job is going to be about an hour, and all that will be is new shoes or pads. a full job, with new parts kits and new drums and rotors, will run between three and four hours.

How many labor hours does it take to replace brakes?

But let’s compare labor rates between a minor and major brake service. A pad replacement and rotor service generally requires 2.8 hours. On the other hand, caliper replacements average 1.4 hours for both front brakes, while replacement of both front disc rotors is quoted at 1.0 hours.

How much does a 4 wheel brake job cost?

How Much Does A 4 Wheel Brake Job Cost? It is averaging at around $450-$500 dollars per wheel. A complete brake job for all four wheels would be about $1,600. If you are only replacing pads, and rotors it should be slightly less.

Is Midas expensive for brakes?

Midas: Midas charges roughly $80 per hour for labor costs when working on brakes. They charge about $50 for a brake drum package, $60 to replace brake fluid, and upwards of $800 for a complete caliper and rotor job.

How much is a master cylinder?

What is this? If you have a brake master cylinder that goes bad, the average cost to replace the cylinder will be between $320 and $500. The cost of the part itself will only be around $100 to $210. But the biggest expense of the replacement job will be in the labor costs, which are around $230 to $300.

How much does Toyota charge for a brake job?

How much does a brake job cost? Brake pads for a Toyota can cost anywhere between $150 per axle and $450 per axle depending on the type of brake pad desired. Brake rotor replacement can cost anywhere between $300 – $750 for all four rotors to be replaced.

How much does it cost to replace all 4 brake pads?

Brake Pad Replacement Cost That said, for brake pad replacement only, you can expect to pay between $35 and $150 for parts for all four wheels. Labor typically runs between $80 and $120 per axle, making for a grand total of between $115 and $270 per axle.

How do I know if my brake pads are worn out?


  1. SQUEALING OR SCREECHING NOISES. If a vehicle’s brake pads have wear indicators, a driver may notice a squealing, screeching or whining noise when the brakes are engaged.

Are front brakes more expensive than rear?

In a perfect world, sure they are. Unfortunately, our world is festooned with imperfections, and higher prices for rear brakes just happens to be one of them. If you have rear disc brakes, this repair (with just the standard pad/rotor replacement) will run $25-$75 higher than the front brake repair, on average.

Brake Job Ripoffs

Customers have complained about large chain and franchised vehicle repair businesses overcharging them for brake repairs. They frequently promote ‘sale’ brake job coupon deals that, according to the advertisements, save you money. However, after you’ve arrived at the business, you’ll be given an estimate that will blow your mind.


The two most common brake job rip-offs

Using a discount or a ‘sale’ special to get you in. Every brake job that comes into the shop is accompanied by a recommendation for caliper replacement. Here’s how to prevent taking taken advantage of when getting your brakes repaired.

How much does a brake job cost—really

Take, for example, a 2015 Chevrolet Equinox, and examine the normal expenses associated with a brake job. According to the flat-rate labor guide, the time required to remove and replace brake pads (front or rear) is one hour and thirty minutes. This involves cleaning, lubricating, and replacing brake hardware, as well as adjusting the brake as necessary. 0.75 hours of labor is required to polish rotor surfaces or to replace rotors with new parts. The retail shop price for new OE grade brake pads is around $100.

  • At a shop rate of $100 per hour, that’s $175.
  • The cost of parts is $100 for pads and $138 for two new rotors.
  • $175 for the labor plug $100 in pads is $275 in total, plus shop supplies and costs, which equals $300.
  • $175 for labor plug, $238 for pads and rotors, plus shop supplies and costs for a total of $413.
  • $218.75 in labor + $100 in pads and rotors equals $318.75 in labor plus shop supplies and fees equals $400 in labor.
  • $218.75 in labor + $238 in pads and rotors equals $456.

How much do rip-off shops charge for a brake job?

Let’s take a look at the usual expenses for a brake job on a 2015 Chevrolet Equinox. To remove and replace brake pads (either front or rear), the flat-rate labor guide estimates it will take one hour. The cleaning and lubrication/replacement of braking hardware, as well as any necessary adjustments, are all part of this process. 0.75 hours of labor is required to polish rotor surfaces or to replace rotors with new parts. New OE grade brake pads cost around $100 at a retail shop. A replacement set of brake rotors at a cost of $69 each ($138) is available for purchase at retail.

  1. Using a shop rate of $100 per hour, this comes to $175.
  2. It costs $100 for the pads and $138 for the two new rotors to replace the old ones.
  3. The labor plug will cost you $175.
  4. In addition to changing rotors, the total brake job cost was $100/hr.
  5. $175 for labor plug, $238 for pads and rotors, plus shop supplies and fees, for a total of $413 in labor and materials.
  6. Worker’s compensation of $218.75 + $100 in pads and rotors equals $318.75 plus shop supplies and fees equals $400.

At $125 per hour labor, the total cost of the brake job including replacement rotors was $2,050. $218.75 in labor + $238 in pads and rotors equals $456; add in shop supplies and fees for a total of $490.75 in work.

Here’s how the brake job ripoff works

Suppose you are firm with them and order them to perform a $149 brake service. What happens then? After all, the brake pads come with a lifetime warranty, don’t you think? The ‘premium’ brake pads that they have put are generally low-quality budget brake pads, which is a disappointment. The chains purchase them in bulk from a domestic or international supplier who does not mark themselves. What is the price of their services? Usually no more than $10-$15 each set. They are the ones who install them.

  1. You’ll be returning in less than a year—at the most, two—to have them changed under the warranty.
  2. However, labor is not covered by the guarantee.
  3. Assume you remain firm in your convictions and decline the other offers.
  4. You’ve now spent $250 on a $149 brake fix that cost you $149.
  5. You guessed it: we’re back at the same shop, receiving another set of replacement pads and another labor fee.

Or, you get $900 brake job ripoff instead of $149

The majority of buyers are either insufficiently knowledgeable about brakes or lack the necessary fortitude to reject the shop’s high-pressure sales methods. The bottom line is that, in general, no one walks away from a $149 brake work coupon offer without being stung for new rotors, shims, a hardware kit, and new brake calipers in addition to the $149 in savings. Calipers—the shop will inform you that your calipers have become seized and that the pads are wearing unevenly as a result. Possible?

  • Does this imply that you require new calipers?
  • It is possible to restore calipers to full functioning condition by installing new caliper sliding pins and boots and applying a dab of high-temperature brake lubricant.
  • Anti-rattle clips are used to prevent rattles.
  • The fact that they’re charging you for clips indicates that you’re not receiving quality pads.
  • All premium brake pads are now equipped with new noise-reducing shims for improved performance.
  • What exactly are shims?
  • Take a look at this post Rotors— If your existing brake rotors have been worn down to the point that they are no longer safe to use, they must be changed.
  • Furthermore, if they have deep grooves, they should be changed as well.

That is the most effective method of reducing braking noise. There are two types of brake rotors available: budget and luxury. What’s the difference between the two? Take a look at this post

The next part of the brake job ripoff, junk parts

I’ve already described how chain stores frequently sell economy brake pads while portraying them as premium brake pads. They don’t last as long as they used to. They create a lot of noise. They are rusted. Then there’s the matter of their new brake rotors. Isn’t it true that all brake rotors are identical? Nope. Large chain repair shops may purchase brake rotors for as little as $10 per piece and resell them for as much as $100 per piece. What’s the difference between the two? Take a look at this.

Economy brake rotors do not perform as well as OE brake rotors since they contain less metal and do not have original equipment cooling vanes.

How much can chain repair shops save by buying economy parts?

The shop’s wholesale price for high-quality brake rotors for a Chevrolet Equinox is around $40 per rotor. However, a chain may get the Equinox rotors from China for as little as $2 each rotor. Do you still not believe me? Simply go to Alibaba and place your order online. When you buy brake rotors in quantity, you may get them for as little as $2 per rotor. When you buy brake pads in quantity, you may get them for as little as $1.80 each pair.

Brake Job Horror Stories

Liane S shares her experience with the ‘brake job from hell.’ ‘I took my car to a major muffler chain to get the brakes repaired. There was a lot of pressure put on me to buy rotors and calipers and pads and brake drums and wheel cylinders and hardware and brake shoes. The total job came to more than $800. Exactly one year later, the front brakes began to squeak and grumble. I returned it to them, and they generously offered to repair the front pads at no charge (under warranty). However, they desired to have the rotors, calipers, wheel cylinders, and rear drums replaced once again.

  1. I questioned them as to why brand new brake pads would fail after less than 10,000 miles of use.
  2. Rick responded to my call and came over to the store.
  3. He had them measure the rotors and drums, and they were found to be in good working order.
  4. The business changed the ‘lifetime warranty’ pads at no charge, and I was able to leave the shop without incurring any other expenses.
  5. I brought it to a national chain muffler shop that promises low-cost brake repairs on their website.
  6. This company quoted a price of $785.
  7. He advised that it be taken to the dealership.
  8. They replaced the frozen caliper pins with fresh ones after removing the old ones.

The calipers were in perfect working order. The total cost was $235. Thank you, Rick! You’ve saved me a lot of money. Nobody expected that the dealer would be less expensive than the $79 brake job special,’ says the author.

State Attorney Generals are onto the bait and switch brake job coupon special scams

The Attorney General of California prosecutes a Midas franchisee for engaging in bait and switch. You may get a PDF of the California Settlement against a Muffler chain that was caught in a cycle of brake work ripoffs by clicking on the image above. interviews an industry expert on the ramifications of the Midas brake job coupon special deal with the California Attorney General’s Office— 16th of March, 2010

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Here’s how to avoid brake job rippoffs

Make an appointment with an independently operated repair shop or dealership that has received positive evaluations. If the shop is attempting to upsell you to a different set of brake pads than the ones that were originally fitted on your vehicle, inquire as to WHY they are making the recommendation. A separate price for hardware or shims indicates that they are not genuinely installing premium brake pads, as indicated by the quote. Premium brake pad sets are equipped with all of the required components.

  • The calipers do not need to be replaced unless they are leaking or aren’t retracting as expected.
  • The cost of rebuild brackets is far cheaper than the cost of a new caliper.
  • Is it a name-brand product or a store-brand product?
  • Store brands, in my opinion, are of worse quality than name brands, despite the fact that they are priced around the same.
  • If the shop suggests it, inquire as to whether or not they have tested the brake fluid to see whether or not it has to be replaced.
  • Shops utilize a refractometer or an electric tester to evaluate the moisture level of brake fluid, as well as test strips to assess the copper concentration and pH of the fluid.
  • If your new brakes require bedding, inquire with the store about whether or not they have completed the operation before you depart.

Brake Job Cost Rip Offs and How To Protect Yourself From Scams ❤️

Once again, it’s that time of year. In other words, it’s time to have your SUV’s brakes replaced. The brakes, like every other vehicle component, are subject to wear and tear during their service life. Although the prospect of having to fork out hundreds of dollars for brake repairs might be unpleasant, driving with brakes that are extremely worn can be dangerous, as can being involved in an accident.

The cost of a brake job varies based on a number of various factors. It is advisable to search around in order to obtain the greatest available pricing. Automobile repairs are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE.

Brake Job Costs – Understanding Your Vehicle’s Braking System

It’s critical to have a basic understanding of your vehicle’s braking system, especially if you’re comparing brake work pricing across different repair shops. Having a better grasp of the braking system will allow you to make more informed decisions about the purchase of a vehicle. As you are aware, the brakes are a critical safety component on any vehicle. When you press down on the brake pedal, it activates the cylinder, which sends brake fluid to the caliper, causing the brake pads to come into contact with the braking disc.

In order to generate accurate stopping force, every component of the braking system must operate together.

Brembo brake services are divided into two categories: the brakes that bring your car to a complete stop while you’re driving, as well as the emergency and anti-lock brakes.

Brake Job Costs – Brake Inspection

Although you may assume that your brake pads or rotors do not require replacement, it is a good idea to get your vehicle’s braking system evaluated. At the very least, you should get a full check conducted on your car once a calendar year. Every component of the braking system is examined by a professional expert during a brake inspection. It is the technician’s responsibility to inspect your brakes for any faults and perform the required repairs so that your brakes are once again in good working order.

A routine brake examination will look for the following things:

  • The following items are checked: brake pads, calipers, springs, and adjusters. The following items are checked: fluid levels, hoses, parking brake cables, master cylinder fluid exchange.

Breath examinations are often priced in the range of $80-100 dollars.

Brake Job Costs Rip Offs

Another shady business practice that repair facilities engage in is the installation of brake components that are in fine working order and do not require replacement. They do this in order to be able to bill you for the additional work and parts. Knowing as much as you possibly can about brake job prices will assist you avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous mechanics.

Brake Job Costs – Top Scams

In spite of the fact that you may not have any previous knowledge with automobile maintenance, you may still inspect your brake pads and rotors to determine their condition. Some of the most prevalent methods that mechanics may attempt to take advantage of you when it comes to brake work pricing and repair are as follows:

  1. When it comes to selling you brake calipers when you don’t need them,

Among the most important components of the caliper system are the brake calipers. Calipers are used to slow down the wheels of a vehicle. They contain the brake pads and pistons and are responsible for stopping the vehicle. The cost of replacing the brake calipers might be quite high. A caliper replacement, on the other hand, costs around $300 per brake, on average. Often, it is not the brake calipers themselves that require replacement, but rather the sliding pins on the calipers themselves, which must also be maintained with a high-grade synthetic oil before use.

When you are told that your car requires new brake calipers, ask the technician if they can correct the problem by re-adjusting the sliding pins instead of replacing them.

Brake calipers are designed to endure for at least 150,000 miles in most circumstances. Most of the time, brake calipers can be re-used. The following situations do not need the installation of new brake calipers:

  • The brackets on the calipers have corroded. caliper sliding pins that have been torn
  • The presence of uneven brake wear does not always indicate a problem with the braking caliper system. Uneven brake wear is frequently caused by rust accumulation, which can be a contributing factor.

However, if they are leaking fluid or the pistons are not retracting properly, they will need to be repaired or completely replaced. A large number of technicians and repair facilities charge exorbitant fees for generic brake pads, claiming that they are superior to premium brakes. Because of their design, these brakes will wear out rapidly, consume your rotors, and increase your stopping distance. The next thing you know, you’ll be back at the store in a few months to have them replaced all over again.

  1. Premium brake pads are those manufactured by well-known companies such as NRS and Brembo.
  2. You can determine if quality brakes or generic brake pads are being fitted on your car by the estimate you are given, in addition to looking at the packing of the brakes themselves.
  3. In the event that your technician informs you that they are installing superior brakes yet the total cost of the brake service includes additional hardware, you are being taken advantage of.
  4. A common tactic used by certain businesses is to upsell ceramic brake pads by saying that it is the best brake pad material available.
  5. The semi-metallic brakes that are perfect for heavy carrying and stop and go driving are a good option if you’re seeking for a greater level of performance and quality.
  6. On the other hand, never allow a mechanic to upsell you on a product without first conducting your own study to evaluate whether or not it is the best option for your situation.
  7. Some repair shops may acquire these substandard rotors and resell them to their clients at a higher price, allowing them to pocket the difference between the two costs.
  8. Generic rotors appear to be identical in appearance to higher-quality rotors to the untrained eye.
  9. Generic metals are created with less metal, which results in their being noticeably thinner.

Generic rotors heat up more quickly, produce more noise, and wear down considerably more quickly when there is less metal present. No matter how much you attempt to save money on your brake work costs, investing in higher-quality rotors will be the smartest decision you make in the long run.

How To Avoid Brake Job Cost Scams and Rip Offs

Are you fed up with letting your money go down the drain? Here are the five most important methods to prevent being taken advantage of: The typical cost of a brake job is between $300 and $800. If you require brake pads and rotors on all four axles, or if the brake caliper on your vehicle has to be fixed, you will most likely be charged in the higher range of the pricing range. The cost of a brake job on a premium model automobile, on the other hand, can easily exceed $1,000. Unless a technician intends to use low-quality parts, selling brake services for a hundred dollars will not result in a profit.

  • Why would you waste your money on substandard store brand brake pads and rotors when you can get the same quality for the same price from renowned brands?
  • Avoiding getting cheated at shops is made possible by purchasing your own brake pads, rotors, and any other components that you may require.
  • Additionally, when you acquire the things directly, you will not be subjected to upselling inferior products at exorbitant costs.
  • It is important to exercise caution when acquiring components from online dealers.
  • Provide your car to a few different mechanics so that they can establish exactly how your braking system has been impacted.
  • Before entrusting a business with your car, make sure to verify the store’s Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Reputable businesses employ high-quality brake supplies since it’s never good for business for customers to have to keep coming back to the same issue over and over again.
  • If they are unwilling to offer a precise price, go on to the next company on your list.
  • If you’re wanting to have your vehicle’s brakes serviced at a reasonable cost, you should stay away from such service shops since they overpay for even the simplest of repairs.

Brake Job Costs – How to Save Money

How can you save even more money on a brake job? That is, without a doubt, the topic of the hour. First and foremost, make certain that the service is done correctly the first time. This is the first step in lowering the cost of a brake repair. If you choose to go with less expensive, generic brake pads, you’ll want to be certain that your technician obtains the proper fit. Due to the fact that some generic brake pads do not match every car, they generate excessive noise when applied to the brakes.

Make certain that any additional work is approved — Before you leave your automobile at a shop, be sure that you demand a signature from the driver.

If the technician is performing maintenance on your vehicle, he or she may uncover an additional problem.

When it comes time to pick up your car, make sure to ask for an itemized statement that breaks down every element that was installed as well as all of the labor that was performed.

Take your time and carefully review the bill before making a payment. If the actual bill differs significantly from the original estimate, this represents a concern. Check to make sure there aren’t any fabricated charges that aren’t linked to the work that was performed on your vehicle.

Brake Job Cost – The Bottom Line

When it comes to brake work costs, you should always make certain that you are making the most informed purchase selections possible. While the Federal Government has established stringent criteria for the installation of brakes on brand new cars, there are no rules that govern the sale of brake components by auto retailers and automobile repair facilities in the United States. As a result, it is the responsibility of customers to safeguard themselves.

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Brake Pad Replacement Cost and Repair – Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Mr. Fix-It-Up-For-The-Family Avoid getting ripped off on your brake job. Get your brakes professionally serviced and you might save up to $1,000 over the life of your vehicle.

Brake job rip-offs and what you can save on brake pad replacement cost

With three basic components, you can come to a complete stop. The brake caliper (the squeezing mechanism), the brake pads (the friction material), and the rotor are all depicted in the exploded view (the part that gets squeezed). Take a look at these do it yourself brake advice. During the lifetime of your car, you’ll most likely search for ‘brake service near me’ and purchase at least three brake jobs. And if you don’t learn how to detect rip-offs when it comes to brake pad replacement cost, you may end up spending upwards of $1,000 on components and services that you don’t actually need when it comes to brake pad replacement cost.

When it comes to brake pad repair, I’ll pull back the curtain and show you how to get a good job done while avoiding the trap of being a victim of deception.

Rip-Off1:Buying brake calipers when you don’t need them

New sliding pins and high-temperature synthetic oil are used to repair a binding caliper. You’ll save a lot of money, and the caliper will continue to slide smoothly for another 40,000 miles after that.

What is a Caliper on a Car?

Brake calipers operate in a push-pull fashion to squeeze the brake pads against the rotors (see ‘Anatomy of a Brake System’ for further information). In the beginning, the caliper piston pulls the inboard pad outward until it comes into contact with the rotor. After then, the caliper travels rearward, forcing the outboard against the other side of the rotor until it stops. When you release the brakes, the piston retracts a small amount, allowing the caliper to alleviate pressure from the brake pads.

Binding is an extremely common issue.

Instead, the shop just has to replace the sliding pins ($20 in total components cost) and lubricate them with high-temperature synthetic oil to get the job done correctly.

The majority of the time, brake calipers can be re-used. However, if you are told that the brake caliper is leaking fluid or that the piston will not retract, do not disagree. After that, it will need to be rebuilt or replaced. Check out this video to learn how to change your own brake pads!

Rip-Off2:Paying premium prices for generic brake pads

Make sure you get brand-name parts. Manufacturers of high-quality products are delighted to place their logo directly on the packaging. Basic white or yellow boxes serve as the packaging for most generic brake parts on the market. What is the company’s brand name? Nowhere. There are a lot of firms who manufacture substandard brake pads and sell them at low costs as if they were quality products. They’re not a good deal because they wear out rapidly, eat up your brake rotors, and increase your stopping distance significantly.

  1. First and foremost, high-quality brake component makers always print their company name on the packaging (photo). Moreover, despite the fact that they may provide many grade levels (good, better, best), their ‘good’ pads are usually always of greater quality than a premium pad from a ‘no-name’ firm. Second, genuine premium pads are typically sold with all of the necessary hardware (shims, anti-rattle clips, and abutment hardware) included at no additional charge. You can probably see where this is going: if the shop claims to be installing premium pads, yet the brake pad replacement quotation includes additional expenses for the hardware.

Check see the following article: What are Drum Brakes and How Do They Work? And here’s what you should do if your car shakes when you brake.

Rip-Off3:Getting up-sold to ceramic pads

There are many fallacies about ceramic brake pads, and shops are delighted to regurgitate them in order to assist you justify a ‘upgrade’ to ceramic brake pads. They’ll tell you that ceramic brake pad material is the best money can buy, and they’re right. This is not correct. Another advantage is that they outlast semimetallic pads and offer superior braking performance. This is also not true. What is true about ceramic brakes is that they are quieter and produce less brake dust than conventional brakes—period.

So, before you fall for the ceramic upgrade scam, consider the kind of brake pad that came with your car as well as the sort of driving you perform to determine if the brake pad replacement cost is right for your situation.

Find out how to inspect your car’s brake fluid to ensure that the corrosion inhibitor has not been depleted.

Rip-Off4:Getting inferior rotors for premium prices

The weights of these two rotors for the same vehicle should be compared. When comparing weights, the generic rotor is 20 percent lighter than the premium brand. The brake components market is swamped with substandard rotors that can be purchased for as little as $10 per piece at wholesale. Some businesses substitute them for quality rotors, charging you the greater price while keeping the difference in their pockets. To the untrained eye, the generic rotors appear to be identical to the high-quality counterparts.

In comparison to the original, the generic rotors have substantially lower friction surfaces and weigh around 20 percent less (photo).

In many respects, they’re a poor choice—even if you’re attempting to save money on the expense of the brake work. Request a price for rotors that are brand-name professional quality (as opposed to ‘service’ grade) from the shop, just as you would for brake pads and rotors.

Brake Repairs: How to Find a Reputable Brake Service Shop

Brake servicing of the highest caliber Because they don’t want ‘comebacks,’ retailers automatically utilize the best parts available (jobs redone at their expense). They charge a reasonable fee up front, without relying on gimmicks or up-selling techniques. Call a few auto repair shops in your region and inquire as to the brand, kind, and quality level of the pads and rotors they employ. Bendex, Raybestos, Akebono, Hawk, Wagner, NAPA/United, Carquest, Centric, Motorcraft, ACDelco, Monroe, Brembo, and EBC are just a few of the well-known names in the industry.

An accurate price from an experienced shop that includes grinding the rotors, replacing the sliding pines, and installing high-quality pads and hardware is available from any respectable shop.

For those who encounter difficulty getting a phone estimate, call another establishment or repeat the search for ‘brake service near me.’

Common Brake Repair Scam in Major Name Tire Centers

Scams at Tire Centers How is it that you may walk into a Tire Center for a flat repair or the installation of new tires and end up leaving with a completely new set of brakes and rotors that can cost a thousand dollars or more on top of the initial tire bill? What is the secret to this? It turns out that it is rather simple to pull off, as this is one of the most straightforward frauds that many tire retailers do to augment their tire sales. The following is a circumstance that is frequently encountered: As you go into a tire facility, you may be in need of an air pressure check, a new tire installation service, or just a scheduled tire rotation to get the most mileage out of your tires.

  • This is effective for two reasons: For starters, we are all aware that brakes ultimately wear out and require the replacement of brake pads or shoes.
  • This is some high-end equipment.
  • It’s similar to a timeshare salesman pressing you into making a choice on whether or not to purchase a timeshare immediately if you want to take the following day to consider your options.
  • Sales pressure methods were practiced with the sharp edge of a well-honed knife in a controlled environment.
  • It appears that certain chain car repair businesses, such as Tire Centers, are paying commissions to the managers, job ticket writers, and mechanics for extra repairs that are pushed on customers, regardless of whether the client actually requires the service at the time it is performed.

One Real-Life Illustration of the Scam Featured here is a clip from YouTube showing one technician working on a 2011 Toyota Highlander, who was called in to test the brakes after the client had been advised by a Tire Service Center that his rear brakes were shot and that his rotors were rubbish and needed to be changed right away.

Scam of the Brake Repair Torque News.

In the event that you have a similar Tire Service Center horror story, in which you may have been coerced into purchasing services or repairs that you did not require, please share your experience with us in the comments area below.

Next, you’ll learn how to perform a DIY oil and filter change, which can help you avoid being scammed by a car service center.

He has extensive experience with classic automobile restoration, and he routinely repairs older vehicles that have had their engines modified for better performance. Follow Tim on Twitter at @TimBoyerWrites for up-to-the-minute news about Tesla and electric vehicles.

How to Avoid Brake Job Rip Offs

PRNewswire/PRNewswire/ST. PAUL, Minn., July 18, 2019 – A regular brake repair will cost between $250 and 375 dollars. However, several shops advertise ‘specials’ for brake jobs starting at $149. Unfortunately, retailers are unable to make a profit at $149, thus the promotion is really a ruse to entice people into the store. By the time they’re through, those consumers have been taken to the cleaners for a total of $900 to $1200 in fees. Even as state Attorney Generals attempt to rein in these deceptive practices, unethical repair companies continue to evolve and adapt their methods.

  • Consumer’s Guide to Brake Job Cost has been released by Brake Caliper on, a prominent DIY auto repair advice website.
  • Using this guide, buyers will learn how to identify and avoid the most frequent types of brake work rip-offs.
  • At the end of the free book, readers will get valuable information on how to locate a reliable repair business in their neighborhood.
  • The handbook may be obtained for free by contacting Rick Muscoplat at (612) 207 7097.

Secrets to great brake repair, avoid auto repair rip off.

1,Inspect your brakes once a year or every 12,000 miles driven. By doing so, you will be able to detect small brake problems before they become costly repairs. It is unlikely that you will require brakes every 12,000 miles, but the technician can determine whether or not you will require brakes before the next maintenance interval. Some companies, such as Brake Centers, provide free no-obligation inspections; however, there are others that do the same. Be sure to inquire whether the inspection is free with no strings attached and if you will be permitted to go without paying anything if you so choose.

  1. Additionally, look for corporate complaints on the internet.
  2. If the repair company has a poor BBB rating or if there are numerous internet complaints, avoid doing business with them.
  3. Three, be certain that the shop inspects all four wheels.
  4. This is especially true for older vehicles.
  5. Shops that do not perform a thorough check before giving a price on brakes are also renowned for estimating a price for a repair only to contact the customer back later to inform them that more work is required at a significantly higher cost.
  6. What factors influenced the shop’s decision on the price?
  7. Do they charge everyone the same or do they charge women more than men, as studies have revealed?

Identify whether the firm provides a price guarantee.

‘Necessary repairs’ or ‘Suggested repairs’ are the terms used to describe the fixes that are being provided.

Inquire as to whether you may conduct partial repairs, such as front brakes now and rear brakes later.

This is why you must ensure that the inspection is provided free of charge and without any commitment up advance.

Most of the time, you can get replacement rotors for the price of labor to mill them yourself.

All of the money you spent on machining was entirely and utterly squandered.

Approximately how long has each been employed by the company?

Make sure you have at least a 12-month, 12,000-mile unconditional brake warranty when you purchase your vehicle.

When there is a subsequent problem with the brakes, it is common for other braking components to be held responsible.

Once again, insist on an absolute parts and labor warranty, and be certain that it is documented in writing.

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10, You may save thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime by making wise decisions about your brakes and the business you use to replace them.

Continue reading for more information about brakes and other vehicle repair techniques at For further information, please see

Top 10 Ways You’re Overcharged for Service –

Philip Reed, Senior Consumer Advice Editor at, contributed to this article. The 26th of October, 2009 In the course of taking your automobile in for servicing, you become the subject of subtle — and occasionally not-so-subtle — sales pitches from the service adviser. Without a doubt, it is in your best interests to keep your automobile functioning, but you also want to save spending by avoiding unneeded repairs and services. Take a look at the list below, and you’ll be prepared to deflect many of the come-ons and methods service advisers employ to earn additional wealth for themselves and their employers.

  • The service adviser is likely to give you with a ‘dealer suggested’ list when you come in for a routine maintenance procedure such as an oil change or tire rotation. Yes, it has an imposing appearance and contains a plethora of difficult and important-sounding stuff. Is it, however, absolutely necessary? Experts have unequivocally said that this is not the case. Instead, consult your owner’s handbook to find out what you need to know. Only a fourth of the goods on the dealer’s ‘recommended’ list of items can be found at the store. 2. The ‘Complete Inspection’ con
  • The service adviser informs you that your automobile has a lot of miles on it since it is old. ‘It would be a good idea if we did a thorough assessment of the vehicle.’ In the event that you respond affirmatively, you have just agreed to compensate them for finding more work to undertake on your automobile. ‘Well, we checked everything and it’s all wonderful,’ the service adviser will respond, do you really believe it will happen? Nope. It’s not going to happen
  • 3. Excessive number of oil changes
  • Oil changes every 3,000 miles are expensive, which is exactly what oil-change chain companies want you to do. Not only that, but it puts you at risk for aggressive ‘upselling’ (see the next point) and wastes our limited natural resources. Follow the maintenance plan outlined in your owner’s handbook or keep an eye on the maintenance reminder on your dashboard. 4. Prepare yourself for the ‘upsell.’ For a service adviser, an oil change is never simply an oil change – it’s merely an opportunity to upsell additional services to the customer. ‘It would be a good idea to have a look at the .’ (Replace the blank with one of the following: brakes
  • Cooling system
  • Transmission
  • Fluids
  • Alignment
  • Or any combination of the above. Make a habit of stating this useful phrase: ‘No, thank you very much. ‘It’s only an oil change.’
  • 5. Early brake jobs
  • ‘Your brakes have less than 50 percent of the pads remaining on them, therefore they need to be replaced.’ ”I’m concerned,’ the service adviser adds in a concerned tone of voice. Don’t be taken in by this small ruse. You should instead hold off scheduling an appointment until your brakes are down to roughly 15-20 percent. Alternatively, calculate how many miles have passed since your previous brake job and schedule an inspection for when the car has gone that distance
  • Or It is also possible to ‘turn’ the rotors. When you consent to a brake job, the service adviser will frequently inform you that the rotors are grooved and that it would be a good idea to have them rotated. This costs $50 each rotor on high-end automobiles. It’s a high-profit item for the dealership, but it’s also possible that it’s entirely superfluous. Consider the following: According to experts, new brake pads adapt to the surface of the rotor nearly immediately after being installed (the shiny disc you can see through your wheels). Furthermore, spinning the rotor results in the removal of a useful strip of metal, which can actually make the brakes more susceptible to warping as a result of the heat. The service adviser will tell you that you need to replace your automatic transmission fluid every 12,000 miles, even though the owner’s handbook states that you don’t need to do so until the car has 80,000 miles on it. 8. Multiple automatic transmission flushes Who is correct? The owner’s manual, on the other hand, was written by the same individuals that constructed your automobile. In addition, the service adviser receives a commission for recommending that you get this $200 job completed. Who would you put your faith in
  • 8. Spraying oil on the shock absorbers
  • Spraying oil on the shock absorbers is one of the numerous things mechanics use to persuade you that anything is wrong with your automobile, and it is one of the most effective. It appears as though they are leaking hydraulic fluid as a result of this. Forewarned is forearmed, so remember this trick in the back of your mind when you make your next car purchase. 9. The markup on replacement components
  • Dealerships often charge the greatest prices for replacement parts. Although purchasing from a dealer is handy, if you want to save money, you may get the components from an aftermarket provider and avoid paying the high markup. The presence of a check engine light on your vehicle may entitle you to receive a free diagnosis from a few firms. Okay, the diagnostic of the ‘check engine’ light is completely free. The work they discover when resetting the engine light, on the other hand, is not. This ‘free’ offer is simply another ruse to get you in the door and get you to purchase more services than you actually require. In order to avoid this, you may get a code reader from an auto parts store, which may provide you with valuable information into what is truly wrong with your car. Another option is to take your car to a technician you know and trust, who will identify the problem and repair it for a fair charge.’s Senior Consumer Advice Editor, Philip Reed, shares his thoughts. The 26th of October, 2009

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We provide comprehensive brake servicing at our Stockton car repair facility. Customer service is a top priority at Toole’s Garage Stockton, which also provides complete brake maintenance and repair services. The safety of the driver, passengers, and other motorists is dependent on the effectiveness of the brakes. We provide brake service that is conducted by technicians who have received certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. As a result, when you bring your car to Toole’s Garage Stockton, our nationally qualified experts will inspect the brakes and, if any issues are discovered, they will determine the underlying cause and offer you with a thorough explanation of what needs to be completed.

  • They will service your vehicle and repair any issues that arise.
  • Our team will meet you and extend a warm welcome, and your car will be in the hands of highly qualified specialists while you are here.
  • Additionally, we will do a complimentary computerized vehicle check on your automobile in addition to performing brake maintenance on it.
  • We will provide you an electronic copy of the inspection results through email or text message so that you may have it on hand.
  • The majority of brake services are done on the same day, allowing you to return to work or school before the end of the day.
  • For your convenience, we’ll provide a free nearby Lyft ride. Warranty coverage for 36 months or 36,000 miles across the country
  • Because quality parts make a significant impact, OEM quality or superior parts should be used wherever possible. Discounts for military personnel and first responders
  • Working on your vehicle are highly skilled technicians

So, when should you bring your vehicle in for brake service and what should you expect?

  • The presence of a red brake dashboard light indicates that it is time to schedule an appointment with your recommended technician. When the dashboard warning light for the anti-lock braking system (ABS) illuminates
  • If you hear squealing, squeaking, or grinding noises when braking, you may have a brake problem. The brake pedal responds slowly or feels ‘spongy’ when pressed. Whenever you have the impression that something is ‘not quite right’ with the brakes

Please notify us if the time has come for you to bring your car in for brake service. We can frequently combine brake service with oil service for your convenience, allowing you to have both services completed at the same time.

In order to arrange an appointment, you may visit us online or phone us at the store – we will be pleased to set an appointment right away and work with you to ensure that it works around your schedule.

Arlington Heights Brakes

A full-service automobile business, Stephens Automotive provides exceptional brake repair services to the local community. Is it necessary to replace the brakes on your vehicle? Come to Stephens Automotive, where we provide the greatest brake work service in the whole state of Illinois. Our 5 ASE Certified Technicians are well-equipped to complete a brake repair quickly and at a reasonable cost. We have over 2,000 pleased clients who will all suggest Stephens Automotive to their friends and family when they need their automobile brakes replaced.

You should visit a reputable and trustworthy establishment.

Arlington Heights Brake Repair

Stephens Automotive is committed to providing our clients in Arlington Heights with high-quality brake repair services. Arlington Heights is a community in the Cook County, Illinois, United States of America. It is a Chicago suburb that is located roughly 25 miles northwest of the city’s central area and has a population of approximately 75,101 people. We only utilize the best brakes available for your brake job at Stephens Automotive. Our professionals have many years of expertise and are quite competent when it comes to automobile braking systems.

Arlington Heights Brake Job

Brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle, and we want to assist you in ensuring that your vehicle’s brakes are properly equipped. Stephens Automotive hires only the most qualified mechanics. Our skilled experts have the knowledge and experience to accomplish your brake repair quickly and efficiently. You may rest certain that your brake pads have been properly fitted by our team. Stephen Automotive offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. You won’t have to search any farther than Arlington Heights Brake Repair for the best brake repair services.

Arlington Heights Brakes | Arlington Heights Brake Repair | Arlington Heights Brake Job | Arlington Heights Brake Pads | Arlington Heights Car Brakes

On August 29, 2009, a review was published in the United States. Purchase that has been verified Before making any repairs, get a written estimate, remain with the car to monitor the process, and pay with a credit card so that you may dispute the charge if necessary. There. You’ve already absorbed 90 percent of everything this book has to teach you. Scams and rip-offs are only addressed in Chapter 6, which is 34 pages long. It takes up the remaining 134 pages of this incredibly compact text to educate basic automobile information, such as describing what AAA is, the significance of regular maintenance, and what to do if your vehicle breaks down.

This raises the question: why would you take your automobile to anybody else if you had a dependable AAA certified technician on your side?

Let us all give a standing ovation to Tinkerbell.

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but this book has already saved me a significant amount of money.

She obtained the quotation from a business that was providing replacement brakes for $59 each.

I advised her to drive her automobile to a different location for a second evaluation.

His explanation for the squeak was that a little piece of brake pad had been caught, which was the source of the noise.

After finishing this book in its entirety, I understand why it was nominated for an award.

I would be unhappy as well if someone took my hard-earned cash away from me.

This author is well-versed in his field.

I bought this book in the hopes of acquiring a better grasp of how to cope with vehicle maintenance.

As soon as you bring your automobile in for an evaluation, you begin to have doubts about the validity of the diagnostic, the estimate, and the service accomplished.

This book provided me with enough information to assist me in navigating vehicle repairs and dealing with technicians. I found this book to be really beneficial!

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