Charge car battery with CTEK charger? (Correct answer)

We do not recommend using a CTEK charger designed for lead/acid batteries. Charging lead/acid batteries with a Lithium charger will not give the best results and cannot be recommended.

  • How to use your CTEK TIME TO GO battery charger Connect the cable clamps to your battery; positive to positive, negative to negative. Then plug in the charger.

How long does a CTEK charger take to charge a battery?

From “Less than 10% left” – (first led blinking) to fully charged, it will take up to 60 minutes, as long as CTEK standard accessories are used. What type of battery is within the CS FREE?

Can CTEK charge a dead battery?

CTEK Smarter Chargers recondition and help revive dead batteries. Our unique reconditioning step allows the battery to recover quickly and last longer. For the cost of a battery, a CTEK charger can keep all of your batteries in prime condition and offer you peace of mind for years to come.

How often should I use CTEK charger?

A charger, like the CTEK MXS 5.0 can be used just once a month to keep a car’s battery in good health. If you’re heading off on holiday and leaving the car in the garage, by just simply connecting the charger to the battery for the duration you’re away, you can ensure the car will be ready to go when you return.

Can I use my CTEK charger on an AGM battery?

The reason for the CTEK charger AGM+RECOND mode: As calcium batteries typically charge at higher voltages, they are better suited to the AGM programme mode and its higher voltage (+0.3v). Hence it being possible to use the AGM and RECOND programmes together.

When should I use CTEK Recond mode?

The unit has a “Recond” mode which, according to CTEK, should be used for restoring “dead” and deeply sulphated batteries and is recommended ro perform once a year on “normal” batteries.

Can a CTEK charger be left on all the time?

Can I leave the charger connected to the battery for a long time? Yes. CTEK chargers are designed to fully charge a battery and then automatically switch over to long term maintenance. Before leaving the charger unattended for a long time, ensure that the battery is fully charged, as indicated by the green LED.

Does revving the engine charge the battery?

The battery will charge faster if you rev the engine faster. Why? Because the faster the crankshaft turns, the faster it turns the belt that runs the alternator. And the faster the alternator turns, the more electricity it produces to run all the electrical stuff in the car — and recharge the battery.

How long do CTEK Chargers last?

After reconditioning, the voltage and the current level off to maintain a floating charge of 13.6 volts to keep your battery topped off. At this stage, your battery will fully charge to 100%. The float charge will remain active for up to 10 days.

Will a CTEK charger charge a flat battery?

All CTEK chargers, such at the CTEK MXS 5.0, are designed to charge the battery whilst it is still attached to the vehicle. They are spark-proof and reverse polarity protected so it’s completely safe for the battery, the vehicle and the user too.

Is CTEK a trickle charger?

There are various types of battery charger currently available – mostly smart chargers and trickle chargers. Rather than sending in a charge and estimating what the battery needs, a CTEK charger will stay in constant communication with the battery, reacting and charging only when it is needed.

Is it OK to start a car with a battery charger connected?

Originally Answered: Can you start a car with a battery charger connected? Yes. It won’t hurt the charger, the battery or the car.

What does a CTEK Smartpass do?

Smartpass 120S is a 120A Power Management Solution which distributes, controls and maximises the available energy from your alternator to power service batteries and consumers.

What is Ctek AGM mode?

AGM – or ‘ dry’ batteries – are the latest step in the evolution of lead-acid batteries. Instead of using water or a gel, an AGM uses a fibreglass separator to hold the electrolyte in place. Gel batteries use a gelified acid.

Battery charging

As automotive technology continues to advance, the battery is being put under increasing amounts of stress. Therefore, battery charging has become a crucial aspect of automobile maintenance, and it should be viewed on par with monitoring tyre pressures and oil levels in terms of importance. There are many different types of battery chargers available today, the majority of which are smart chargers and trickle chargers. Smart chargers, on the other hand, provide a more safer and more effective method of maintaining and extending the life of the battery.

This type of battery charging has the potential to overcharge the battery, causing it to dry up or even begin to gas, which might lead to the battery’s eventual demise if used repeatedly.

However, rather of just transmitting a charge and guessing how much power the battery would require, a CTEK charger will maintain ongoing connection with the battery, responding and charging only when necessary.

Not only does this eliminate the possibility of overcharging, but because the battery is being exercised in the same way as it would be during regular operation, the battery’s lifespan is significantly increased.

A Guide To CTEK Car Battery Chargers & Conditioners

As a result of the current conditions, many of us have found that our daily driver has grown somewhat dormant. Some people have reported that this has resulted in a loss of charge in their automobile battery, or possibly no charge at all. We at UF have had more than our fair share of requests for information on appropriate chargers to assist individuals in need, as well as questions concerning battery chargers in general, throughout the years. When it comes to utilizing a battery charger or conditioner, there are several advantages, and due to the CTEK line of products, it is no longer the intimidating concept that it previously was.

Goodbye Traditional Chargers

Even though the disappointment of getting into your car and turning the key to hear nothing but the sound of ‘CLICK’ is hard to beat, the prospect of having to recondition or replace the battery is also a complex and intimidating one for many. Fortunately, there are several options available to help you. You look about for the appropriate-sized spanner, open the car’s bonnet, roll up your sleeves, and fight with the bolts that hold the battery’s top in place. The battery is heaved out of the car and lugged inside, where it is placed on the kitchen work top (which is not always warmly received!) and connected to the charger, which is left on overnight before having to carry the battery back to the car and screw everything back into place.

This is not a smart way to treat batteries.

Simply said, you will have to purchase batteries more frequently than you would if the battery were well maintained. That is no longer the case. This is where the CTEK family of intelligent chargers and conditioners come into their own, allowing the battery to be maintained at top performance.

The Advantages of Smart Battery Chargers

Unlike traditional car battery chargers, which continuously pump power into a battery at a constant (and typically high) rate until the moment you disconnect it, CTEK Car Battery Chargers are equipped with “intelligent” computer-chip technology, which allows you to leave them connected to your battery indefinitely – without having to remove the battery from your vehicle. There are no spanners, no oil, and no messes in the kitchen using this method. Each and every CTEK equipment is equipped with a conditioning mode that keeps a continual eye on your battery to ensure that it remains in peak operating condition.

CTEK devices are particularly developed to alleviate the frustration associated with maintaining a properly charged battery system.

Chargers To Cater For All

CTEK offers a broad selection of chargers in three voltages: 6V, 12V, and 24V. These include chargers for motorbikes, lawn mowers, electric fences, leisure batteries in caravans and motorhomes, golf buggies, tractors, and heavy-duty trucks. Their marine battery charger series, which is particularly built for jet skis and boats, is also available.

Why Choose a CTEK Charger?

  • Connection is as simple as plugging in and playing
  • There is no need to remove the battery from the car. All lead acid batteries, including GELAGM, are compatible with this product. System for charging and cooling that is completely automated and “intelligent.” It is possible to leave the connection in place indefinitely. No sparking, and it is surge protected. protection against reverse polarity Warranty of five years
  • IP65 (splash- and dust-proof) rating

Additionally, CTEK offers a variety of accessories to go along with their charger conditioners. These include a Cigarette Lighter Adaptor, which allows for simple battery charging through a 12V socket, Battery Status Indicators, which indicate whether or not the battery requires charging, and additional eyelet connector leads, which come in handy when you have more than one battery that needs attention. With so much going for them, it’s no surprise that CTEK units are used as original equipment by several of the world’s most prestigious automobile and motorcycle manufacturers, including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, Rolls Royce, and Harley Davidson.

Featured ChargersConditioners

CTEKMXS 3.8 (ChargerKit) is available for £78.00.

  • Suitable for use with 12v lead acid batteries, including GELAGM
  • And Charges and conditions batteries with a capacity of up to 85 Ah
  • Charges and conditions batteries with a capacity of up to 130 Ah It is possible to leave the battery attached for months without overcharging it.

CTEK MXS 5.0 (ChargerKit)£89.00 CTEK MXS 5.0 (ChargerKit)

  • All varieties of 12v lead-acid batteries (including GELAGM) are compatible with this product. Charges and conditions smaller batteries up to about 110Ah
  • Charges and conditions bigger batteries up to approximately 160Ah
  • Can be left connected for months at a time — making it suitable for cars that are only used occasionally. Selectable Sulfated or deeply depleted batteries can be reconditioned using this technique.
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Maintenance Kit for CT5 Time To Go 12V 5A Charger£105.00

  • There are three charge programs to choose from (Normal, AGMRecondition, and AGMRecondition Plus). All varieties of 12V lead-acid batteries (WET, MF, Ca, AGM, and GEL) are compatible with this battery. When your battery is ready to be used, it will notify you.

Start-Stop Automatic Battery Charger CTEK CT5 Start-Stop 12V 3.8A£99.00

  • All varieties of 12v AGM and EFB lead-acid batteries are compatible with the multistep fully automated charging cycle. Charges batteries with a capacity of up to about 110Ah
  • Fully automated – after the initial charge, the device automatically switches to conditioning mode.

Please call us on 01474 360 360 if you have any questions regarding Battery Chargers or any other aspect of car detailing. We would be happy to assist you. Shop The World’s Best Car Care Products – Ultimate Finish – The Ultimate Finish CTEK – 40-206 MXS 5.0 Fully Automatic 4.3 amp Battery Charger and Maintainer 12V : Automotive

In the United States, on October 25, 2018, a verified purchase was reviewed. In light of the positive reviews and my previous experience with many other chargers, I decided to give this one a shot. I needed something that was intelligent, capable of delivering low amps for floating and sustaining while also delivering some amps for charging at a faster rate than other smart chargers. To put this theory to the test, I turned on the headlights of my 1977 MGB and drove it down to zero battery power.

  1. After an hour, I checked on the charger and saw that it was really warm.
  2. I went back to check on it and discovered that it was still really warm.
  3. The temperature at the bottom was 128 degrees Fahrenheit!
  4. An hour later, the top portion of the thermometer read 98 degrees, with the lower portion reading around 107 degrees.
  5. The 50Ah battery had been charging for around 11-12 hours when we arrived.
  6. It would have taken three days for my Battery Tender Jr.
  7. Aside from the temperature difficulties, I’m in a good mood.

On September 2, 2018, the United States government reviewed the document.

The CTEK MXS 5.0 has been in my possession for six months and has helped me to extend the life of an old battery and maintain a fresh one looking as good as new.

My most recent “new” battery received a “top off” charge of roughly a tenth of a volt with this charger.

If you have a regular battery, their CTEK “idiot light” battery tester should be sufficient.

Nonetheless, the cigarette lighter voltage reader provides valuable information, such as the fact that the battery can still turn over this 2.0L engine a couple of times even at 11.5 volts.

I really like this charger:-) Please note that this charger is not compatible with either of my automobiles, as stated by Amazon at the top of the page, which I wanted to mention.

Someone needs to intervene and persuade them to correct the situation!:-) On September 17, 2020, a review was published in the United States of America.

Somehow I got too hot and burned the plastic on the back of the vehicle.

Please be advised that it should be placed on a fire proof surface.

a rating of one out of five stars Overheated and burned on the behind is quite dangerous.

In my antique car, I had it attached to the battery for three days with a near-new battery and almost no parasitic drain in other words, it was not charging much at all, maybe less than a quarter amp.

Thank goodness it was on the concrete floor beside the car and not on the car cover, else I would have no longer had a workshop to work in.

Check out the photos.

Purchase that has been verified The charger for my Optima wouldn’t charge my battery entirely, so I conducted some research and saw a video with Jay Leno endorsing CTEK as the finest charger.

It has quickly become my new best battery companion.

In the event that you need to, you may install it straight to your battery.

Get yourself one.

On August 15, 2019, a verified purchase was reviewed in the United States of America.

Overnight charging and reconditioning of vehicle AGM batteries is a breeze with this unit.

Just make sure you understand the proper order of events first and foremost.

Inquire as to how I know this.

This was suggested to me by my Porsche dealership, and I have no regrets about making this purchase.

Your battery receives a high-quality, complete charge if the charger is connected directly to the battery posts themselves, which is the ideal configuration. as opposed to remote jumper terminals in the engine compartment. Get yourself some.

Top reviews from other countries

a rating of one out of five stars Beware of Product Mismatches! On December 30, 2017, the United Kingdom conducted a review. Purchase that has been verified In the product description on this page, you will find information on a CTEK Charger and Tester OEM partnr 56-976, which has a suggested retail price of £95. A CTEK MXS 5.0 Charger Only (without Tester feature) is shown in the images, and it is available for purchase with the ASIN B00FC42HAA for a normal retail price of £65. When you buy the product from this page, you will receive the Charger Only version in exchange for the ChargerTester version in which you have paid for.

  1. This was purchased after we sold our tiny runaround vehicle.
  2. Purchase that has been verified So far, everything is going well.
  3. We had a flat battery a few of times and had to resort to jump starting every time we needed to get somewhere.
  4. When I got the product out of the box, I discovered that the leads to connect it to the battery were too short.
  5. Placed the battery on charge in the garage while the car was in recon mode, and so far, so good.
  6. At the moment, I’m taking the lesuire battery out of my boat to charge it for maintenance.
  7. Since getting this, I’ve discovered that you can order extension leads for the charger, so I’ve ordered one so that the next time I need to charge the batteries, I won’t have to take the battery out of the car.

This makes life much simpler because it allows me to charge the device without having to remove the battery!

On May 20, 2020, the United Kingdom will conduct a review.

Engineers conducted an extensive examination but were unable to identify an unrecognized discharge from the battery, and it was not until I charged the battery with an outdated charger that I realized the CTEK unit was not functioning properly.

(It is still covered under warranty.) The firm has simply stopped responding to my emails.

There will be no unpleasant surprises.

Purchase that has been verified Ordered in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, and it came after midday on Monday!

Both croc clips (as seen in the product photo) and two eyelets are available for attachment to this socket, with the first being ideal for temporary installation and the second being suited for permanent installation.

The charger’s operation, as well as the instruction booklet, are basic.

Despite the fact that I haven’t attempted the alternator test yet, the other functions appear to be functioning as specified.

a rating of 2.0 out of 5 stars There is no support.

Purchase that has been verified As a result, they provide a 5-year warranty.

The charger is more-or-less functional, however it becomes trapped in Recond mode for extended periods of time, even when Recond mode is not selected.

You’d think that with a high-end charger like this, they’d take the time to react to customer inquiries via email. The fact that I originally complained about this problem four years ago means that they can’t blame Covid-19 for it either.

The 8 Stages of a CTEK Battery Charger

If you’ve spent any time reading product descriptions on the internet, you’re definitely familiar with the terminology used in marketing. Big, flashy phrases and cryptic jargon are flung around in the hopes that you would not question the real quality of the goods being sold. However, when the CTEK Battery Charger promises to employ eight phases to charge and maintain a battery, they aren’t simply making things up to fill space on their website. Each step performs a distinct and intriguing function, and understanding what each stage accomplishes will help you maintain your battery healthy and active for far longer periods of time than the majority of batteries its age.

Cleaning, or Desulfation

According to some estimates, sulfation is responsible for the premature demise of 80 percent of all batteries on the road. But who or what is this chemical nemesis? The majority of automobile batteries are lead-acid units, which are constructed of lead plates bathed in sulfuric acid, as one might expect. In the course of time, the energy created by this union produces a chemical known as lead sulfate, which is a white powder that accumulates and attaches to the lead plates, as predicted. This implies that there is less lead surface area available for reaction with the acid, resulting in less power.

  1. Their approach is considerably more straightforward.
  2. This design does not yet provide any charge to the battery.
  3. This works with batteries that have as little as two volts left in them.
  4. Please give a high five to the closest scientist before proceeding.
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Soft Start

It is believed that sulfation is responsible for the premature demise of 80 percent of all automobile batteries. Who is this chemist who is causing all of this trouble? As you might expect, the majority of automobile batteries are lead-acid units, which are constructed of lead plates bathed in sulfuric acid, as you might expect. In the course of time, the energy created by this union produces a chemical known as lead sulfate, which is a white powder that accumulates and attaches to the lead plates, as is predictable.

No, CTEK smart battery chargers do not include nanobots that swim through your battery, removing lead sulfate from the metal, despite the fact that this would be fantastic.

It makes use of high voltage, low current micropulses to separate the sulfate crystals and allow them to descend to the bottom of the cell where they will be harmlessly decomposed by bacteria.

Starting in the next step, the CTEK will be able to identify when it has completed all of the desulfation it is capable of performing before moving on to the next stage.

The device is capable of operating on batteries that have as little as two volts remaining. Desulfation is the first step in reconditioning a battery, and it accounts for a significant portion of the process. Prior to continue, please give a high-five to the nearest scientist.

Bulk Charge

Now it’s time for the feast. It is now safe to charge the battery with a quick, high-voltage, constant current charge until it reaches around 80% capacity. CTEK built its chargers to accomplish this as rapidly as possible without causing damage to the battery, allowing you to start and drive your vehicle whenever you need to. Please do not misinterpret this. The other phases are crucial as well, but arriving to work on time is equally vital. 80 percent of the fuel is sufficient to get your automobile started and moving.


In The Fellowship of the Ring, there is a scene at Bilbo’s birthday celebration where the Hobbits have all finished their feasting and are now nibbling on various items. Tolkien refers to this as “filling in the gaps,” and anyone who has ever participated in a Thanksgiving dinner will understand what he means. The Absorption step is responsible for “filling in the gaps” in the battery. When the CTEK senses that the charging rate has dropped to around 80 percent, it begins to taper the current while maintaining the voltage, forcing the battery to charge for approximately 10 hours until it reaches 95-99 percent capacity.


The CTEK will now go back and double-check its previous efforts. It will run a test for around 3 minutes to ensure that the fully charged battery is not losing any energy. If that’s the case, your battery won’t last much longer and you’ll have to replace it. If this is not the case, the charger proceeds to the next phase.


It will take anything from 30 minutes to 4 hours for the charger to finish reconditioning your battery when the examination is completed. This is beneficial for deep cycle batteries that have been entirely or almost totally depleted in the past. Reconditioning is accomplished by the use of a brief but continuous burst of voltage to correct something known as acid stratification. When a battery is overcharged, the water contained within the battery acid can often split into hydrogen and oxygen, causing the battery to fail.

If the battery is left unused for an extended period of time, it may succumb to the forces of gravity.

To put it simply, this involves sending enough current through the battery to create small bubbles to develop, which stirs up the acid that has accumulated at the bottom of the battery and mixes the acid and water into a more efficient solution.

Float Maintenance

Following reconditioning, the voltage and current levels off to maintain a floating charge of 13.6 volts, which is sufficient to keep your battery fully charged and operational.

At this point, your battery will be fully charged and will have reached 100 percent capacity. It is possible that the float charge will stay active for up to ten days.

Pulse Maintenance

Maintenance on floats is acceptable, but not for lengthy periods of time. Leaving this battery on float charge while storing your vintage car for the winter is a bad idea if this battery is sitting in your classic car and you want to keep it running. This might result in overcharging, which could then lead to the stratification issues mentioned above. Additionally, it raises the chance of boiling or drying out of the food. There’s bad news. CTEK’s answer is the pulse charge, which is both healthier for your battery and less energy-intensive than other charging methods.

  1. Using this method, you can maintain a battery charged at 95-99 percent for months.
  2. No, this isn’t simply a piece of marketing fluff.
  3. With the help of actual, hard science.
  4. He intends to leave his 2002 Subaru WRX Wagon to his firstborn, organizes his daily travel around the swoop of the city’s roadways, and has no intention of ever purchasing an automatic transmission.
  5. He is an omnipath when it comes to interesting cars, and he enjoys hunting for them.

battery types and charging modes explained

Car battery chargers are proving to be useful tools for folks who aren’t driving their cars nearly as often as they used to in the wake of a global epidemic. However, with the development of different battery types, start/stop systems, and hybrid battery systems that we have seen in recent years, do you know how to charge your car in the most efficient manner to maximize the life of the battery and avoid damage from occurring? Over the last couple of years, I’ve sent a number of inquiries to CTEK customer service regarding the use of my charger with various battery kinds (the user guide is light on info).

As a result, I put together this guide as a personal reference as well as to assist others.

In this article:

  • Battery flooding and enhancement, the RECOND program mode, desulphation (charging stage one), stratification (using the RECOND program), and other topics are covered. AGM batteries and the AGM Mode
  • Calcium batteries
  • AGM batteries and the AGM Mode

In car charging

While the battery is still mounted in the vehicle, you may attach your CTEK MXS charger to it to charge it. Most automobiles are absolutely safe even while operating in the RECON Dprogramme mode, which has a maximum voltage peak of 15.7 volts (+0.3 volts greater than non-RECOND programs). Generally speaking, anything less than 16 volts should not be a source of concern. However, it is still advisable to double-check with your car manual because getting it wrong could be costly.

The CTEK MXS 5.0 charger is robust and can be used for a variety of different applications, including charging large and small batteries of various types and charging batteries of various sizes. They are well regarded, and CTEK offers a large number of distinct versions.

Flooded (Wet) and Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB)

When charging Flooded and Enhanced Flooded Batteries, you would typically utilize the mode button to choose the automobile icon and charge the battery in this mode, as seen below. When using standard flooded or “wet” batteries, which are more susceptible to stratification and sulphation, it may be necessary to run the RECOND routine every few months. Aspects of EFB batteries include technologies and designs that destratify the battery acid (electrolyte) while also allowing the battery to be cycled more thoroughly without causing harmful health effects such as sulphation (Read:What is an EFB battery?).

RECOND Programme mode

First and foremost, RECON Dmode should only be used with a regular Lead Acid Battery or an Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) (this includes calcium EFB batteries). A battery made of Advanced Glass Matt (AGM) will not be helped by RECOND. It may potentially cause damage to a Gel battery. More information on what RECONDmode performs may be found in the Stratification section further down. The RECON D+ AGMprogramme may be used safely on Ca-Ca (Calcium or Silver Calcium) type batteries; for additional information, check the section below.

Desulphation (Charging stage one)

Not only is desulphation performed automatically when necessary, but it is also performed inRECONDmode. Every CTEK charger mode begins with a desulphation phase, which is performed at the beginning of the process. If the charger determines that the battery is sulphated, it will attempt to desulphate it. If this is not the case, the process will proceed to step two. Sulphation is the accumulation of sulphuric acid crystals on the electrodes of a battery, which occurs inside the battery. This is most commonly seen when a battery is left in a partially charged or uncharged state for extended periods of time.

Desulphation will be carried out by CTEK chargers for as long as is necessary, or until a certain length of time has elapsed.

If the charger is unable to finish this step within the specified time frame, an error message will be shown, and the charger will not proceed to the next step in the process.

It is possible to revive a dead vehicle battery with a tiny 7Ah AGM UPS battery, although I have never had luck with one.


What theRECON Dprogramme incorporates is a process known as destratification, which generates a controlled gassing that remixes the acid and restores the acid balance to its original state. This procedure aids in the recovery of battery capacity and the restoration of battery efficiency. The severity of the problem determines the likelihood of success in the reconditioning procedure. Stratification is defined as a physical scenario in which the electrolyte, which is denser, sinks to the bottom of the battery cells and so “starves” the top of each cell, lowering the voltage potential of the battery and its cold cranking power, respectively.

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Stratification affects different types of batteries in different ways, depending on the kind and design of the battery.

RECONDmode will not assist revive AGM or Gel batteries since they do not suffer from stratification, unlike other types of batteries. Gel batteries, in particular, may suffer health consequences as a result of this – see myGuide to vehicle battery technologies for more information.

AGM battery charging with the AGM mode

The AGMprogramme operates at a slightly higher voltage (+0.3v) when it reaches its maximum. That’s all there is to it. It will still try a desulphation step at the start of the program if the charger determines that it is essential to do so. The greater voltage is just better suited to these sorts of batteries due to their increased capacity. (Read more about what an AGM battery is here.)

Calcium battery charging

Given that destratification is not beneficial to an AGM battery, why does a CTEK charger feature an AGM+RECONDmode? – The response is that this program can be beneficial to calcium-based battery systems. Calcium (Ca-Ca) batteries (more information here) are susceptible to stratification; thus, usingRECOND to induce a moderate gassing in the battery can help restore power and longevity (See: Destratification, above). Because calcium batteries normally charge at greater voltages, they are better suited to the AGMprogramme mode, which has a higher voltage (+0.3v) than the other modes.

Thank you to CTEK customer service for taking the time to address all of my inquiries!

More information about different automotive battery technologies may be found in my guide, which can be found here.

CTEK launches new portable battery charger and maintainer, with Adaptive Boost technology

In the Swedish city of Vikmanshyttan, on March 4, 2021, the PRNewswire reported that CTEK Sweden AB, a leading global brand in battery management solutions, has today announced the European launch of theCS FREE, an exciting new portable battery charger and maintainer with revolutionary Adaptive Boost technology, which will safely provide a flat vehicle battery with the power it requires to get back up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

  • The CS FREE is available now in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • A completely portable battery charger and maintainer with adaptive boost, the CS FREE is the first of its kind.
  • You may use the provided PD Adaptor to charge the battery from mains power, or you can charge the battery using electricity from a solar panel kit or a separate service battery for longer-term maintenance charging.
  • This device includes an internal battery that can be fully charged in under an hour using the unit’s rapid USB-C interface, and it can hold its charge for up to a year when fully charged, making it an excellent choice for storing in your vehicle for when you need it.
  • Our Voice of the Customer study discovered that consumers want far greater independence from mains power, as well as the ability to swiftly get back up and running once a dead battery was discovered.
  • Simply charge it, carry it with you, and use it wherever you go.” The CS FREE is suitable for use on a variety of vehicles, including automobiles, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, trucks, and boats.

You can charge a flat battery using a simple LED display, which indicates when your battery has enough power to start your car. There’s also a timer, which indicates how long it will take for your battery to be completely charged. The following are the main characteristics:

  • • Compatible with all 12V lead-acid and lithium-ion automobile batteries
  • CTEK has invented Adaptive Boost, a breakthrough new technology that will revolutionize the automotive industry. The CS FREE carefully calculates the most efficient way to safely provide the appropriate amount of power to any 12V lead acid or lithium battery, allowing you to charge your vehicle battery rapidly. Without the need for a power outlet, it can start your car from a dead battery in 15 minutes or less. A simple LED display indicates whether your battery has sufficient juice to start your vehicle. Because it is sensitive to the condition of the battery and only provides the amount of charge necessary to get you started, the CS FREE is completely safe for the vehicle’s electronic systems
  • Unlike most boosters or jump starters, the CS FREE is completely safe for the vehicle’s electronic systems
  • Charge anywhere: CTEK has also introduced a number of useful attachments that allow for 5A maintenance charging to be accomplished using a solar panel or a 12V service battery. Battery charging and maintenance can be accomplished by connecting the USB-C charge cable clamps to a separate 12V service battery, rather than by connecting the battery to a power outlet. – USB-C charge cable clamps – Solar Panel Kit – The CTEK Solar Panel is designed to work in conjunction with the CS FREE, allowing you to charge your battery using a solar panel and then use it wherever you are in the world. This clever and responsive solar panel package folds up, transports, and connects in seconds, delivering dependable solar power whenever you need it. The CS FREE features an internal battery that can be fully charged in less than an hour using the unit’s rapid USB-C connection
  • Once fully charged, the battery can maintain its charge for up to a year, making it perfect for storing in your vehicle until you need it. Charge your tech: The CS FREE has USB-C and USB-A outputs for charging laptops, smartphones, tablets, watches, and cameras, even when the CS FREE is not connected to a power outlet
  • Storage options: The CS FREE can be stored and transported in a tough and robust storage bag, or it can be wall mounted using the CS Wall Mount, both of which are available for purchase separately
  • Storage options: The CS FREE can be stored and transported in a tough and robust storage bag or it can Modern appearance: it has a sleek, new ergonomic design that is protected by a strong and sturdy casing. It comes with a 2-year warranty on the CS FREE, and

Stefan Magnusson went on to say more. “It is the first of its kind, the CS FREE is a revolutionary new device that offers the greatest amount of versatility when it comes to charging your vehicle battery rapidly and safely. Our vehicle batteries are working harder than ever before since many people’s driving habits are changing so significantly – automobiles are being driven less frequently and in many cases for shorter distances – placing us at greater danger of experiencing a dead battery. Because we live in apartment buildings or keep a seasonal car in a storage facility or driveway, many of us do not have the ability to connect a battery charger to a power source such as a wall outlet.

More information on the CS FREE*12V lithium-ion battery may be found here (LiFePO4) INQUIRIES FROM THE PRESSKatharine ParkerPR Manager Tel: +44 (0)7974 141266 E-mail: Photo – – CTEK

Buy your CTEK charger here – Fast delivery

Are you seeking for a battery charger that has a few more features? CTEK is a renowned brand that has elevated both performance and quality to a new degree of sophistication. Battery chargers for your car, boat, or other sorts of vehicles, such as snowmobiles and jet skis, are readily available for purchase online. Many of the goods contain adaptable features that make them even more helpful in their current configuration. Accessories like as cables, adapters, and wall mounts are also available in a variety of configurations.

Why choose CTEK?

Not only is the brand distinguished by its exceptional quality, but it is also distinguished by its remarkable adaptability. Whatever your requirements, you will be able to locate a battery charger that meets them. Among other items, you’ll discover the dependable CTEK MXS 5.0, which is ideal for everyday driving or riding in a motorbike or automobile. If you reside in the northern areas of the nation, there is also a Polar Edition of the product that operates exceptionally well in extremely cold temperatures.

CS Free – Portable and smart

Do you want a portable charger that you can carry with you everywhere you go? If so, look no further. With CTEK CS Free, there is no longer any need to feel restricted. A solar panel charging adaptor, which allows you to charge the internal battery with solar energy, is also available for purchase separately. It is this sort of smart device that is associated with the next generation of chargers. They are simple to use and have a plethora of functions that were before simply a fantasy of a person’s imagination.

To summarize, we provide a big assortment of CTEK chargers to meet a wide range of requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance in making your selection. We have a wealth of knowledge about their product line and can assist you in making an informed decision.

Complete range of CTEKS battery chargers and accessories for CTEK chargers

Radne offers a comprehensive selection of CTEKS products. The automobile battery charger was delivered in a timely manner. Charger for motorcycles, snowmobiles, quad bikes, go-karts, and other similar vehicles. We have extensive knowledge of CTEK’s product line and keep everything in stock to ensure prompt delivery of your order.

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