Remote start doesn’t work? (Solved)

If your remote starter system isn’t working properly, try replacing the battery in your fob. You can find replacement key fob batteries at Batteries Plus. Most remote starter fobs run on 2032 lithium coin cell batteries. This one may seem obvious, but if your vehicle is not in “Park” your remote starter will not work.

What causes a remote start not to work?

Reasons Your Remote Start is Not Working: Too Many Remote Start Attempts. Coolant and Oil Pressure. Unlatched Hood. Hazard Warning Lights.

How do I reset my remote starter?

Press the Lock button on your remote car starter. Within five seconds of turning it on, turn your key back to the “off” position (or press the start button again). Repeat the on-off cycle three more times—you’ll do four in total.

Will my remote start not work if my check engine light is on?

If the ‘Check Engine Light’ or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is illuminated, the remote start will not work.

Why won’t my key fob start my car?

Reasons your car won’t detect the key fob the battery inside the remote is dead. the remote itself is broken or no longer programmed to your car. the car battery is low. the keyless operation system is faulty.

How do I activate remote start?

To remote start your vehicle, first press the lock button to lock all the doors. Then press the remote start button twice. The exterior lamps will flash twice. The horn will sound if the system fails to start, unless quiet start is on.

Do you have to reprogram a key fob after changing the battery?

No. You do not need to reset or reprogram your key fob after replacing the cell. Your key fob does not use a battery.

What is valet mode?

Valet mode is a safety convenience feature standard on all Arctic Start remote start and security systems. Valet mode disables all system features other than lock or unlock; such as, remote start, alarm triggers, and trunk release.

How do I fix an unresponsive key fob?

Bad Battery – The most common reason your key fob has stopped working is because of a dead battery. A simple swap with a fresh battery that you can find at most big box stores should do the trick to get things working again. Try opening your car door with a second key fob.

Can a key fob go bad?

Dead batteries are a common reason why key fobs die, but sometimes connections can break. These remotes, even the proximity-style and push-button start fobs, all use batteries that occasionally require replacement. It’s the most common reason for fob failure.

Remote Start Not Working? Ten Tips To Get It Working!

Start from a distance The 24th of January, 2014 Is the remote start button on your General Motors keyfob no longer functional? We’ve discovered ten things that might prevent your remote start system from functioning properly.

Reasons Your Remote Start is Not Working:

  1. Incorrect starting procedure
  2. Vehicle not in the ‘Park’ position
  3. Too many remote start attempts
  4. Low coolant and oil pressure
  5. A hood that has not been properly closed
  6. And warning lights that illuminate. The car key is in the ignition
  7. Check Engine Light On
  8. Keyfob Battery Not Charging
  9. Take a look at the manual.

Improper Starting Procedure

Press and hold the remote start button (which is usually shaped like an arrow) for at least 2 seconds or until the turn signal lamps begin to flash. Maintain your grip on the steering wheel, and the car should begin to move.

Vehicle Not in ‘Park’

As a safety precaution, the remote start system will only function if the vehicle is in the ‘Park’ position. Before you restart the beginning operation, you should disengage and reengage ‘P.’

Too Many Remote Start Attempts

If you use the remote starter more than once in a short period of time, it will not function. It’s as simple as inserting your key into the ignition and turning it on and off. Step 1: Exit the vehicle with the fob in your possession and repeat the process. Coolant temperatures around C or low oil levels indicate that you need to top off your coolant and oil.

Coolant and Oil Pressure

Recheck the temperatures of your engine’s coolant and oil: If the engine coolant temperature is too high or the oil pressure is too low, remote start will be disabled. Continue the start procedure after allowing the car to cool down for 5-10 minutes and rechecking all of the fluid levels.

Unlatched Hood

The remote start method will be prevented if the hood is left unlocked or open. Close and open the hood with firm pressure before repeating step 1.

Hazard Warning Lights

While the danger lights are illuminated, the remote start system is completely disabled as a safety measure. In the event that it is safe to do so, switch off your warning lights and go back to step 1.

The Key is in the Car

Simple instructions for rapidly swapping the keyfob battery are provided above. The position of the key might be an easy solution. When the fob is in the car, it is not possible to start the vehicle. Step 1: Remove the item from the car and repeat the process.

Check Engine Light

This means that the remote start system will not operate if your vehicle’s ‘Check Engine Light’ or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is on. Don’t be alarmed; one of the reasons the MIL can glow is because the gas cap has come free. Step 1: Replace the cap, restart the car, and repeat the process.

Dead Keyfob Battery

If none of the above alternatives have worked to resolve your remote start issue, you may want to consider changing the battery in the fob. The keyfob is powered by a lithium-ion cell watch-type battery (CR2032). In most cases, the battery is readily available and may be replaced with relative ease following the schematic on the right.

Check the Manual

It’s possible that it’s time to get out the old, trusted instructions. It is possible that your car has extra features that are interfering with the operation of the remote start function. If all other methods of troubleshooting have failed, see the handbook for the ‘Remote Start Procedure.’ Did you find these pointers to be useful? Please share your experience with us in the comments area! Written by: Drew Singer Wallace Chevrolet is in charge of communications.

6 Common Remote Starter Issues And How To Solve Them

Despite the fact that we are unable to diagnose problems online, we would be pleased to schedule a troubleshooting visit for you at our facilities in Erie, Pennsylvania. We are professionals in both electrical system analysis and remote vehicle starting installation. Contact us today for a free quote.

We are a very busy company and are unable to answer to troubleshooting issues posted on this website, through phone, or via email due to the volume of requests. If this page does not provide you with the information you want, please contact your local remote start specialist.

Help! My Remote Car Starter doesn’t work!

As a remote starting specialist since 1999, Enormis Mobile Specialties in Erie, Pennsylvania, has built a solid reputation for excellence. With hundreds of remote starters installed over the years, Enormis has developed a devoted customer base in northern Pennsylvania and beyond. The question is, what happens when you ask your remote start to turn on and nothing happens? Being bundled up and heading out to your chilly, freezing vehicle is not very attractive during the winter months. The good news is that there are only six typical remote starting problems, none of which are life-threatening.

1. Hood Pin Switches Or Sensors

Probably the most common reason for a remote starting failing to activate is that the hood switch is either broken or not present. Once fitted beneath the hood of your car, it keeps the engine from starting when the hood is raised. It is a safety feature that is intended to prevent your car from starting accidently when someone is working in the engine compartment, since this might result in a harm to the person working there. The good news is that Enormis can swiftly and painlessly correct this situation.

If there is something “dangling” from the firewall, it is possible that it is the hood sensor/switch, which should be linked to the hood.

If you don’t see anything, don’t get alarmed; ENORMIS may be using the factory-installed hood safety switch in this case.

2. Batteries In Your Remote Control

To be honest, whether you believe it or not, that remote control on your keychain requires batteries, which will ultimately degrade over time (reducing the range) and finally fail completely. Enormis has a large variety of batteries, and it is quite probable that they have the right ones in store for you. Possibly, you have recently had your batteries replaced someplace other than Enormis, and your remote has already stopped working properly. Our technicians have encountered faulty batteries installed wrongly, erroneous batteries installed incorrectly, insulators removed, and terrible batteries that expire extremely soon.

We can inspect both of them for you and replace the batteries if they are in need of replacement.

3. Improper Use

When it becomes chilly outside, are you the type of person who exclusively utilizes your remote starting to start your car? If this describes you, it is possible that you have not used it in some months.

Consider whether you may have forgotten the necessary process for starting your vehicle remotely. This is a more regular occurrence than you would imagine. Please check your system every autumn to ensure that it is in working order! Here’s a video that will be useful to you on this subject:

4. Module Reprogramming

Modern automobiles are controlled nearly entirely by the computer built inside the car. In layman’s terms, this indicates that your remote starter most likely included a data module as part of the installation process. It is possible for the starting brain to speak with the car computer in its native language since it has been configured with software that is specific to the particular vehicle. It is possible that the module will lose its programming data and the engine will not start in these rare cases.

Hondas have a reputation for requiring frequent reprogramming.

5. Valet Mode

Certain remote starting manufacturers include a safety feature known as valet mode to keep their products safe. Valet mode is intended to temporarily prevent the ability to start the vehicle from a distance, however it usually leaves the keyless entry mechanism operational. Keeping an eye on the parking lights may allow you to determine whether or not your car is in valet service mode. It’s possible that you are in valet mode if your vehicle’s lights are no longer flashing when you use the remote starting controller to lock or unlock it.

For those of you who purchased your remote start from us, we will be happy to help you through the process of removing the car from valet mode.

We would be delighted to assist you.

6. Remote Starter Switch Is Off

Certain kinds of remote starters are equipped with a switch that may be used to temporarily deactivate the remote starting while the vehicle is in motion. The switch may be located beneath your dashboard on the driver’s side, or it may be located in a fusebox. It is NOT intended to be easily accessed by the general public. Many times, it is accidently bumped, and all that is required is to turn it back on. Any of the circumstances listed above may apply to you or your car, and we are here to assist OUR CLIENTS WHO HAVE PURCHASED remote starts FROM US.

  • Our team is comprised only of individuals with extensive experience in automobile electrical systems.
  • We are not a traditional wheel and tire shop.
  • We are experts in everything pertaining to the electrical systems of automobiles, and we are here to help our customers.
  • You have our word on it, and we mean it.

Remote Start Not Working? 10 Easy Fixes To Start Your Car Remotely

Posted on byIt’s possible that your remote start isn’t working because of a more serious problem. That is why it is critical to determine why your remote start has stopped working, even if it is not a feature that you frequently use or rely on. The remote start on your car may not function for a variety of reasons, but if something is wrong with your car’s remote, vehicle sensors, or the car itself, you should get it fixed immediately. Increasing numbers of modern automobiles are being built with a remote start option, and even third-party manufacturers are developing technologies that will allow you to start your vehicle from a distance.

As a result, it is imperative that the general public be educated on this topic so that the security, functioning, and safety of your car are not jeopardized as a result of your remote start not working. If your remote start isn’t working, here’s what you need do:

  1. Ensure that your vehicle is in park
  2. Turn the vehicle on and off again. Close your hood, turn off your hazard lights, reprogram your remote, and read the instructions on your remote. How to Repair Your Car Key Remote
  3. Examine what’s causing the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Check your gauges
  4. Get a locksmith on the phone.
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The three most typical reasons why a remote start does not function are that the vehicle key remote has broken, that there is a problem with the car’s onboard computer, or that safety sensors have instructed your car not to start remotely. In order to begin troubleshooting your remote car starting, check the dashboard engine issue indication displays first, and then check to see whether your remote is still operational.

How do I rest my remote car starter?

There are two primary resets for car remotes: the first time a remote is paired with a vehicle and the second time the remote is switched into second car mode. The original programming information for your automobile keys is likely to be required if you have misplaced or stolen your keys. It is not possible to couple a remote to another vehicle after it has been properly synched with the first vehicle (unless it has a second car mode). If you make the mistake of accidentally shifting the vehicle key remote into second car mode, your user handbook will include instructions on how to convert it back to first car mode.

What do I do if my remote start lights flash but won’t start?

If your remote is visually recording commands but the remote start does not function, it is probable that there is a problem with the safety sensors or the vehicle’s internal computer, according to the manufacturer. It will be beneficial to double-check that this is not the result of a human error, such as entering the erroneous sequence or switching the remote to a different vehicle function.

How much does it cost to fix a remote car starter?

The cost will vary based on the reason for the failure of the remote start. For example, if the check engine light is illuminated, the remote start will not function, and the cost of repairing the remote vehicle starting will be the same as the cost of repairing the engine problem. The expense of duplicating a car key will almost certainly be a consideration, since a new remote may frequently resolve the problem of a remote start not working.

Why is my remote start not working after a battery change?

A battery that has died or been removed from a car might cause its electrical components to reset in some cases. This is owing to the fact that the car’s onboard computer has been configured to return to factory settings if the battery is disconnected. When your remote start stops working following a battery change, even the extra car remote you have for troubleshooting will not operate.

How do I know if my car has a remote start feature?

In order to determine whether the car key remote is defective, the first place to look is within the car key remote itself. Many current key fobs are equipped with a dedicated button for remote starting. If you are unable to locate this button, consult your owner’s handbook and seek for the phrase “remote start.” This might be a series of button presses or holding down a button on the remote. Check your car key remote if you discover that your vehicle has a remote start that is not working properly.

1. Put Your Car In Park

Some drivers may develop the habit of using the emergency brake rather than putting the car in park when an accident occurs. In the event that you or the person who drove your car before you did this, it is likely that your remote start will not function properly. If a car is not in park when it is remote started, this is done as a safety measure. If this is not something you or people around you are used to doing, it is possible that this was merely an oversight.

Drivers can make erroneous shifts or accidentally bump the shifter without realizing it. It is also possible that the automobile did not correctly shift into park, despite the fact that it appears to have done so. Open your car and put it in park before attempting the remote start a second time.

2. Turn Car On And Off Again

Traditionally, the best way to cure faulty electronics is to switch them on and off again. This method may also be used to fix your remote start not working problem. This is not some sort of urban legend or superstition; rather, it has to do with restoring a program to a stable condition after it has become unstable. For the layperson, the explanation is that a program keeps track of user interactions and events, and this information is referred to as the system’s current state. When you turn the car off and on again, it will reset the software, putting everything back in the same condition as when the system was first tested, and therefore, in the most stable state possible.

3. Close Your Hood

As a result, while the hood is open, remote start will not function, preventing the car from starting while the engine is being repaired. By opening and shutting the hood several times, you may ensure that it is not open. When you are shutting the hood, let it to fall the final few inches so that the weight of the vehicle pushes it down with enough force to latch closed. Even if you are certain that the hood is correctly closed, it is possible that there is anything wrong with the hood pin itself.

Make use of the fact that your remote start isn’t working as an excuse to inspect your hood pin.

4. Turn Off Hazard Lights

When the warning lights are illuminated, the remote start will not function as a safety precaution. However, even though it is the least likely cause of a remote start not working, it is still worth exploring. While you’re checking to see if your lights are working, it should be rather obvious whether this is the case. Ensure that your hazard lights are activated and that they are functioning properly. Once you’ve determined that your danger lights are operational and are not illuminated, you may be assured that this is not the source of your remote start malfunction.

5. Reprogram Your Remote

Remotes might become deprogrammed as a result of a battery replacement or as a result of a dead battery. It is typical for your remote start to stop operating after experiencing an issue with your battery. After experiencing a battery problem, many cars may automatically reset their associated gadgets. However, you may encounter difficulties in re-pairing your remote control with the onboard computer. On the internet, you may learn how to set your remote to work with your specific make and model.

The majority of remote controls can only be programmed once, and it may be impossible to configure them again after the first time.

6. Check Remote Instructions

The right button sequence for the remote start must be used, and it is critical to double-check that you are doing so. For instance, are you pushing the button rather than holding it, or vice versa? Take the time to understand what you are meant to be doing and have someone else test the remote to ensure you are doing it correctly.

Other possibilities include pressing a series of buttons in rapid succession and altering the functionality of the remote control. Some remotes, for example, offer a second car mode that allows the remote to begin working on another vehicle while the first vehicle is not working.

7. Fix Your Car Key Remote

If the problem is with your remote, the first thing you should do is changing the batteries in the device. The most typical cause of any problematic remote function is a battery that is dead or on its way to dying. When you open your remote, you will notice that the battery type has been inscribed on the metal. Replacement batteries for most major automobile manufacturers may be found at auto parts stores or even large box retailers such as Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and other similar establishments.

8. Address The Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is illuminated, the remote start will not function on many vehicles. The remote start not functioning is a safeguard, similar to the open hood override, to prevent the vehicle from starting. In order to avoid an accidently starting the engine when service is necessary, the engine should never be started by mistake. In the case of an engine block that has been disassembled or a technician who has their hand within the assembly, an unintentional remote start might be catastrophic.

9. Check Your Gauges

Check to check if your oil pressure is too low or if the temperature of your coolant is too hot. If your monitor readouts reveal any of these sorts of anomalies, then the remote start will not function as intended. In addition to the many precautions in place to avoid engine damage, which you may have noticed, this is a continuation of the trend toward remote starting. Ensure that your vehicle has had time to cool down before attempting another remote start. If it is evident that these instruments are indicating these difficulties incorrectly, you will need to make repairs to your gauges before the remote start can function properly.

10. Call A Locksmith

When your remote start isn’t working, a locksmith may be a lifesaver. Whether you need to replace your key or need assistance analyzing the problem with your key, a locksmith is an excellent resource. One of the most effective strategies to ensure that the job is done correctly the first time is to consult with a professional. If you want to lower the expense of changing a key fob, there is no better way to do it than to hire a locksmith to take care of the problem in an one fell swoop. A mobile locksmith will even be able to come to you and diagnose the problem with your remote start that is not operating properly.

Closing Words

When anything fails to function properly in a vehicle, you put yourself and others at risk of property damage, theft, and personal harm. If your remote start does not function, it is possible that your vehicle is attempting to indicate that there is a greater problem with the vehicle. What matters is that everything is in proper functioning condition, regardless of whether you are utilizing aftermarket electronic keys or aftermarket remote start components.

To obtain assistance with your remote vehicle starting troubleshooting and to get the problem resolved, call United Locksmith for assistance. Get the assistance you require from knowledgeable specialists. Automobiles and Car Keys are included in this category.

So Your Remote Starter Stopped Working. Just Relax!

As the weather becomes colder, we receive an increasing number of phone calls from our remote vehicle starter clients (there are over 3000 of them!). During the summer, many folks do not use their systems as often, so when the first cold fall day arrives, they press the magical button on their remote control. and nothing occurs. Nada. Zip. RELAX! In the vast majority of situations, it is something completely normal and easily rectified. Continue reading to learn about probable reasons and their solutions.

  • Valet mode disables the ability to start the car from a distance for a short period of time and is typically used when the vehicle is being maintained to safeguard the technician working on it.
  • When the remote is in a handbag or pocket, we have seen this happen by mistake a few times.
  • To get the system to exit valet mode, try pushing the lock and trunk buttons at the same time for 1/2 a second.
  • The problem has been resolved!
  • You should check for a little toggle switch on your computer if it is not made by Compustar and see if it has been mistakenly flipped.
  • If your remote control contains an LED that lights when a button is pressed.
  • In this case, you should be able to get assistance from any respectable auto audio store, jeweler, or even Radio Shack.
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This indicates that the remote starter is not responding to the orders received from the remote.

They should be able to assist you in this situation.

Call the business that performed your installation, and they should be able to provide you with a replacement remote in the majority of cases.

If the hood pin switch is broken or not functioning properly, any respectable remote vehicle starting service should be using a switch that prevents the car from being remotely started if the hood pin switch is up.

If this component breaks, the automobile will not be able to be started remotely until the component is replaced.

Remote is in second vehicle mode — Some remote car starts offer the capability of controlling two cars from a single remote.

If your remote control has this feature and it was unintentionally set to the second car mode, it will not be able to interact with your automobile.

Most of the time, the owner’s handbook for your system will address this issue and explain you how to exit 2nd vehicle mode on your system. If this is not the case, contact the facility that performed your installation once more. If this is the issue, it is a simple one to resolve.


We have been installing remote starters for a long time: more than 20 years and more than 3000 devices installed to date. They’re one of those things that, after you’ve had one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. A high-quality installation facility (such as WSS Westminster Speed and Sound!) can provide you with many years of enjoyment out of your new system. According to our observations, virtually all “failures” fit into one of the categories listed above and are rather simple to correct.

In our opinion, Westminster Speed and Sound (WSS Westminster) is one of those amenities.

We would be pleased to spend as much time as you require educating you on all of the alternatives and aspects that you should take into account when purchasing a remote vehicle starter.

How To Reset Your Remote Car Starter

Depositphotos If you purchase a product after clicking on one of our affiliate links, The Drive and its partners may get a commission. More information may be found here. So you’d like to reset the remote-start fob on your car, right? If your automobile is five years old or newer, you’ll almost certainly need to take it to the dealership for a transponder key reset because many modern transponder keys can only be reset by a service department. However, if you have an older vehicle, the Drive’scrack How-To section can assist you in getting your remote to function again.

The process of entering a car’s programming mode is akin to a rub-your-tummy, pat-your-head routine that usually consists of turning the key one click to enter Accessory mode (the mode that allows you to listen to the radio when the engine is off) a few times, followed by a series of other maneuvers.


Time required is estimated to be less than a half-hour. Expertise Level: BeginnerVehicle System: IgnitionPhotos of the Vehicle


Working on your automobile may be a dirty and perhaps dangerous endeavor. Always take the necessary steps to keep yourself and others safe. Depositphotos

Everything You’ll Need

Given that we are not psychics, nor are we prying into your toolbox or garage, we’ve compiled a list of everything you’ll need to get the task done.

Tool List

You’ll also need a flat area, such as a garage floor, a driveway, or on-street parking to accommodate your vehicle.

You should double-check your local regulations to ensure that you are not breaking any codes while driving on the street, because we are not releasing your automobile from the impound yard. Depositphotos

Arranging Your Workspace

It will save you valuable time if you organize your tools and equipment so that everything is conveniently accessible. This will eliminate the need to wait for your handy youngster or four-legged assistant to bring you the sandpaper or blowtorch. (You will not require a blowtorch for this task.) Please do not allow your child to hand you a blowtorch—Ed.) Depositphotos

Here’s How To Reset Your Remote Car Starter

Let’s get this done!

Turning It Off and On Again

  1. Remove the battery from your remote control by removing the lid. Wait 15 seconds before continuing. Replace the battery in the device. Replace the cover and see whether it makes a difference. If that’s the case, that’s fantastic
  2. If it doesn’t work, let’s try a couple of other things.

Check the Battery

  1. If you have a second remote control that is functional, use it
  2. Replace the batteries in the first remote with new ones. It was successful. Everything is in working order
  3. All you need is a fresh battery. Didn’t work, did it? Let’s try something different this time.

Resetting Your Remote Starter

  1. For more information on how to program your car’s remote, consult your owner’s handbook or visit Replace the instructions below with the particular process for your car’s make and model by following the links provided. All of your car’s remote-start fobs should be gathered
  2. Close the driver’s side door when you’re in the driver’s position. Place your ignition key in the ignition and turn it to the Accessory position (or press the start button once without pressing the brake pedal)
  3. To lock your remote car starter, press the Lock button on the device. It should be turned off within five seconds of being turned on by rotating the key back to the “off” position (or pressing the start button again). Make three additional passes through the cycle (for a total of four passes through the cycle). When you pick the Accessory position on cycle number four, you will hear a noise (a “ding” or a “ping” or a “buzz”). You have now entered the programming mode. Press and hold the Lock button on the remote(s) for many seconds. Immediately turn the automobile off
  4. Within 10 seconds, turn the car off Step out of the car, close the door, and try the remote control. If it does, that’s fantastic
  5. If it does not, it is necessary to contact the dealership.

Congratulations on completing your task! Depositphotos

Tips From a Pro

In their many years in the automotive industry, The Drive’s editors have seen it all and done it all, buying, selling, and reviewing nearly every automobile on the world. As for remote starts, we’ve had our fair share of problems, including one instance when a Tesla Model S decided it couldn’t detect its remote from the top of a mountain at midnight, and Tesla’s over-the-air network couldn’t connect—which was amusing. Consequently, here are our top recommendations on what to do if you need to reset your remote vehicle starting.

  • The most important of these is to check the battery. Modern remote starts are rarely need to be restarted, yet they use battery power at a rate comparable to Minute Maid in the Mojave. The quickest and most straightforward method of determining if a remote is working properly is to change the batteries from one working remote to the other. Alternatively, you may just get a new battery online because they are really inexpensive.

Life Hacks

Because you may not have access to the proper equipment or a buddy from whom you can borrow a wrench, we’ve created a list of our favorite hacks to make your life simpler while draining your bank account as little as possible.

  • You may improve the range of your automobile remote by placing it under your chin, where you will function as an antenna.


  • Driving in the Snow: What You Need to Know Learn how to be safe on snow-covered roads by following these guidelines. HOW TO USE SNOW CHAINS NOW READ THIS! You’re stranded in the snow? Snow chains may be the best option for you. Learn how to drive a manual transmission by reading this article now. It’s entertaining and rewarding, and you can do it. Learn how to jump start a car right now by reading this article. Don’t allow a dead battery ruin your day by interrupting your activities. READ IMMEDIATELY

My Remote Starter Stopped Working, Now What?

The query “My remote starting has stopped working” is one of the most often asked problems we receive at Perfectionist Auto SoundSecurity when the weather becomes chilly. “What do I do now?” you might wonder. If this is the case for you, the good news is that one of these scenarios will most likely apply to your car in the majority of cases. While many of the scenarios involving a remote starting are applicable to all brands, we will concentrate on Compustar, which is our featured brand, in this article.

  • My car is not responding to the remote control I’m using.
  • What happens if you have an LCD-based remote control with a dead display?
  • If you have one of the high-end Compustar remote controls that has inbuilt batteries, you will need to charge it periodically.
  • The fact that the remote appears to be operating correctly but that the car is not responding might be due to the fact that the remote has simply been programmed to the vehicle again.
  • Despite the fact that my remote start locks and unlocks my doors, the parking lights are no longer flashing and my vehicle will not start.
  • Your remote has been programmed to operate in “valet mode.” When Compustar built this feature, they did so to provide an added layer of protection so that you could lend your vehicle to a friend and they would have access to the keyless entry system but not the remote start.
  • Press the lock button on your remote control at the same time as the trunk button on your remote control.

It never attempts to start the car when I urge it to do so.

If this occurs to you, it is possible that your hood pin switch has been damaged or failed.

In order to safeguard anyone who may be working on your car while the hood is open, the gadget disables the remote-start feature if the hood is open.

The remote start on my vehicle does not work, and the vehicle immediately shuts down when it is started.

It might also indicate that the integration module is not connecting with the car computer in a normal fashion.

You may be certain that Perfectionist Auto SoundSecurity will be there for you in any scenario, no matter how unusual.

You have our word that we will do everything in our ability to restore functionality to your remote starter as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us HERE if you require any further information regarding your remote vehicle starter.

Why is Ford Remote Start Not Working?

When it comes to the everyday commute, harsh weather brings with it a lengthy list of irritants, from frost-plastered windshields to skin-searing seat belts. Having a remote start system makes it easier to stay comfortable by pre-conditioning the temperature of your vehicle before you get behind the wheel. Please do not get concerned if you are experiencing difficulties with the remote start feature on your Ford car. There are numerous simple reasons why your Ford remote start system may be malfunctioning, all of which may be resolved quickly.

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Troubleshooting Remote Start

Remote start will not function under certain situations in order to protect you and your vehicle’s safety. Here are a few possible reasons why your remote start system could not work:

  • The ignition has been turned on
  • The alarm system has been activated
  • Remote starting has been turned off. The hood has been raised
  • The car is not in park at this time. The voltage of the vehicle’s battery is low
  • The service engine soon indicator is illuminated.

How to Use Remote Start

Step 1: Press the lock button on the keyboard. Step 2: Press the Remote Start (2X) button on the remote control twice.

Turning Off Your Vehicle with Remote Start

Press the Remote Start (2X) button once to switch off your car once it has been started using the remote start feature.

Key FOB Light Meanings

Some Ford key fobs are equipped with LED lights that indicate whether or not your remote start and stop orders have been received. Listed below is what your key fob may be attempting to communicate to you:

Solid Green Remote start successful.
Solid Red Remote stop successful.
Blinking Red Remote start or stop failed.
Blinking Green Remote start in progress.

Remote Start and Climate Control

For vehicles with automatic temperature control systems, you have the option of programming the system to begin running as soon as you remote start your car. Because most manual climate control systems are preset, the system will operate at the temperature it was set to when the car was shut off. It was posted on Saturday, August 10th, 2019 at 3:59 pm and is filed under Technology. You can follow any responses to this article via the RSS 2.0 feed. This article will be updated when new answers are posted to this entry’sRSS 2.0feed.

How to Reset the FOB Remote Starter Key

Michele Rider is a freelance writer for Demand Media. If you have recently changed the battery in your fob remote vehicle starting or if it has stopped working, it is possible that the system has become out of sync and has to be reset or reprogrammed to function properly. This technique may differ depending on the type of automobile you possess and the type of fob remote car start that you have installed. If the basic reprogramming instructions do not work for you, try the troubleshooting solutions that have been provided to go back to enjoying the comfort of this technological advancement.

Reset a Fob Remote Car Starter

Unless you just have one remote car starting, gather all of the fob remote car starts for your automobile. Take a seat in the driver’s seat of your vehicle and make certain that all of the doors are properly closed.

Step 2

The lights should come on as soon as you insert your key into the ignition and turn it to the “On” position; this is the last step before actually starting the automobile. For one second, press and hold the “Lock” button on your fob remote vehicle starter for the car to start up.

Then, with your key in the “Off” position, the car’s lights should be turned out. This must be done within five seconds of turning the key to the “On” position, and the key must not be removed until the key has been turned to the “Off” position.

Step 3

Three more times, and you’ll have completed four cycles using this method! When you turn the key to the “On” position for the fourth time, the locks should produce a clicking sound, indicating that the remote fob has entered programming mode, and you should repeat the process. Put your key in the ignition and any extra fob remote vehicle starters you may have in your possession and press and hold the “Lock” button. To turn the key off, turn it to the “Off” position. It is necessary to do this within ten seconds after turning the ignition key to the “On” position for the fourth time.

Step out of the car, close the door, and test your fob remote auto starter to see if it has been properly reset or not.


Battery life of your fob remote car starter should be checked. If you’re not sure if it’s working, swap it out and try the remote control. If the battery is not the source of the problem, move to the next step.

Step 2

Consult the instruction handbook that came with your fob remote car starter. If you’ve misplaced it, you may find it on the Program Your Remote page. Here you’ll discover a collection of hundreds of free fob remote auto starting instruction manuals that you may review at your leisure. Look through the internet for an exact match to your remote; depending on the model you own, the resetting instructions may be fairly specific.

Step 3

Consult the owner’s handbook for your vehicle. Alternatively, if you’ve misplaced your manual, go to the Owner’s Manual Source page. You may access hundreds of owner’s manuals on this website. Perhaps you’ll be able to locate the information you need for resetting your car remote in this location. Obtain instructions for resetting your fob remote vehicle starter over the phone by contacting your local dealership. Alternatively, they may ask you to bring the vehicle in for a service visit, during which they will reset the vehicle’s remote.

Expect to be charged a service fee.

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Are you asking “How does remote start work for a car?” Read this article to learn more about how remote start for cars work.

When the average temperature in Chicago in January is 17 degrees Fahrenheit, the last thing you want to do is get into a car that is already shivering from the cold. “How does remote start work?” and “Should I put it in my car?” are the kinds of questions that come to mind on chilly, snowy mornings. It is probable that you are already aware that remote starting allows you to start your vehicle from the comfort of your own home or office. However, you may be curious as to how it occurs and whether or not it is risk-free.

Understanding it on a fundamental level can assist you in determining whether or not you are ready to put it in your car.

Knowing how the system works is one thing.

Understanding how it functions is another. Installing it securely and correctly without causing any damage to your car is an entirely different story. Continue reading to learn more about how remote start for vehicles works, so you’ll be prepared when it’s time to have it installed.

How Does Remote Start Work?

Getting into a frigid automobile in January in Chicago is the last thing you want to do when the temperature drops to an average of 17 degrees Fahrenheit on a daily basis. “How does remote start work?” and “Should I put it in my car?” are the types of questions that come to mind on chilly, snowy mornings. The fact that you can start your car remotely from the comfort of your own home or workplace is probably not news to you at this point. Some people, however, are concerned about the safety of the procedure and the specifics of how it takes place.

The ability to comprehend it on a fundamental level aids in determining whether or not you are ready to put it in your car.

One thing is to understand how the system operates.

To learn how remote start for automobiles works, continue reading to find out what to anticipate once the system has been set up in your vehicle.

Parts of a Remote Start System

Remote start systems are comprised of two primary components. It is a little piece of equipment that is put in your vehicle and allows you to start your vehicle remotely. It is wired to your ignition switch, power wire, ignition wire, starter wire, brake wire, ground wire, and tachometer wire, among other things. It must be able to communicate with all of those components in order to start the automobile remotely. The transmitter is the piece of equipment that you carry around with you to activate the system.

  1. The most basic fobs are just equipped with a button that allows you to start the car.
  2. The scope of operation differs from system to system.
  3. Take into consideration how far your office is from your car or how far your house is from your overnight parking space is from your office.
  4. Some systems may be capable of two-way communication, allowing you to keep track of what’s going on inside the car.
  5. Some remote start systems are accessible through smartphone applications.

Installing the System

Installation is a critical stage in the process of adding remote start functionality to a vehicle. However, while the wires are all reasonably straightforward to see, the systems are quite complex. Different vehicle types also have their own set of quirks that might make the installation procedure more difficult. If you are not aware of the possible concerns, you may skip a key phase in your process. One small error throughout the process might result in significant harm to your automobile. Saving money by installing the system yourself or having a friend install it might wind up costing you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repairs down the road.

It may also result in the voiding of your warranty. Take your car to a respected installer in order to have the remote system installed in your vehicle.

Starting the Car

As soon as you enter your car, you must complete a set of instructions in order to regain control of the vehicle. This is what gives you the ability to operate your automobile. Inserting the key into the ignition and turning the key to the on position, as you would normally do, is generally all that is required. You will not be able to change into gear until you first enter the key into the ignition.

Push-to-Start Ignition Considerations

Push-to-start ignitions need that an unique fob be present inside the car in order for it to operate. The key does not engage the ignition in the same way as a typical key would. It merely has to be present in the car at all times. Remote start devices designed to function in vehicles with push-to-start ignition transmit a signal to the engine that is similar to the signal sent by the smart key. It effectively fools your automobile into believing the key is inside and causes it to begin running.

You’ll need to have the actual smart key in your possession when driving the vehicle.

Theft Prevention

When you start your car, the radio frequency that you utilize is specific to your system. It is frequently encrypted in order to prevent a would-be thief from accessing it. Once the car is started, the remote start technology locks the doors of the vehicle, preventing anyone from entering. Alternatively, if someone gets into the vehicle and applies the brake to shift the vehicle into gear, the system automatically shuts down the engine. If you do not enter the key into the ignition within a particular length of time, remote systems will automatically turn off your car.

Get Remote Start in Your Vehicle

What is the procedure for using remote start? Even though it is a complex mechanical system, it is a simple tool that allows you to start your automobile with the touch of a button when you want to. As soon as you sit in the driver’s seat, you may relax and enjoy the ride in a superbly comfy vehicle.

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